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Renewable and Alternative Energy (January 2023)

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CONTENTSAdani Green Becomes WorldsLargest Wind Solar Hybrid PowerDeveloper01Insight OutEnphase Energy Expands IQ8Microinverter Deployments inColorado01BP Completes Acquisition ofArchaea Energy02Shell and Eneco win bid todevelop 760 MW offshore windpower in the Netherlands atHollandse Kust (west) VI03National Grid Renewables Orders1.6 GW of First Solar Modules05Hyundai to roll out first S’pore-assembled cars in first half of202306West Virginia Governor JimJustice announces Form Energywill site first American batterymanufacturing plant in Weirton09NTPC Limited and GE Power IndiaLimited sign MoU to reducecarbon intensity from NTPC’scoal fired units12SolarEdge to Acquire HarkSystems, a European-BasedEnergy Analytics and IoTCompany13EVgo and Lyft Launch NewPartnership to AccelerateRideshare ElectrificationNationwide15

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Saudi Arabia’s ACWA Power signs$2.4bn wind energy PPA withUzbekistan16PETRONAS and Partners Win AguaMarinha Block in Brazil Bid Round17ConocoPhillips and QatarEnergyAgree to Provide Reliable LNG Supplyto Germany18World record back at HZB: Tandemsolar cell achieves 32.5 percentefficiency20TechnologyEUROPEAN PILOT LINE FOR INNOVATIVEPHOTOVOLTAIC TECHNOLOGY BASEDON TANDEM SOLAR CELLS22Delta Indonesia Fostered E-mobilityat the 2022 G20 Bali Summit withAlmost 250 EV Chargers andEngineering Services24SIESTORAGE NEO27Product CommuniqueAdvantech’s all-in-one PPC-300series The New Ultimate Panel PC withIntel® Processors N-Series27Rockwell Automation DeliversExpanded Hardware Support, FeatureEnhancements and Productivity withNew Version of Studio 5000 LogixDesigner® V3528SES 2023 video contest28Great Opportunity

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Ceres Reimagine clean energycompetition 202331GUIDELINES EUSEW AWARDS 202332Start Up Energy Transition Award202332Singapore Invites Expression ofInterest (EOI) to Build, Own andOperate Low or Zero CarbonPower Generation and BunkeringSolutions in Jurong Island34bp brings green energy and jobsto Ohio with construction of newutility-scale solar project37Making the future energy systemsecure means making itsustainable38Top 10 greenest carmanufacturers in the world andits technology41Mr. Don Teng Managing Director OMRON Asia Pacific Pte Ltd4650Feature Story22 MinutesEvent Calendar

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PUBLISHER'SNOTE2023 will see many challenges ahead thatdemand both creativity and resilience from allwho are involved. Economic growth, climatechange, technological advances – everything hasan impact on our everyday lives. This year has been a rollercoaster ride with thepandemic and its effects still being felt around theworld. There have been numerous economicchanges due to the fallout from Covid-19 thathave left many people feeling uncertain aboutwhat to expect in 2023. Despite this, there aresome key things expected to happen this year,such as an acceleration of electric vehicle (EV)adoption, an economic recession and consumertrends shifting towards digital payment methods.The EV market is expected to see significantgrowth throughout 2023 as traditional automakersshift their focus towards producing more battery-powered vehicles. This has been fueled byincreasing awareness of EVs benefits such asreduced emissions and increased efficiency,prompting governments around the globe tointroduce incentive schemes for consumers whopurchase these types of cars.In this issue, we explore the exciting world ofrenewable and alternative energy sources. Fromwind turbines to solar panels and hydroelectricity,advances in technology have made it easier totake advantage of these green sources for ourenergy needs. Renewable and alternative energyhas become a hot topic as we strive to reduce ourdependence on fossil fuels and join the globalmovement towards an eco-friendly lifestyle. With electricity costs continually rising, renewableand alternative energy can be seen as anattractive option due to its lower cost comparedto traditional methods such as coal or oil-basedfuels. Investing in these resources can offer long-term financial security by providing a reliablesource of clean electricity at a fraction of theprice. Furthermore, it can also help reduce carbonemissions from power plants that rely on fuelcombustion, which in turn leads to improved airquality and less pollution overall.We are excited to announce that the Saas ConvergenceExhibition and Workshop 2023 will take place inSingapore on 29-30 August 2023. This event, is anunique opportunity for professionals, entrepreneurs andorganizations to discover how the latest technologiescan help them achieve effective results. Besidesproviding a platform for knowledge exchange andcollaboration, there will also be exhibitions from leadingSaas companies showcasing their products. Thedemonstrations will provide attendees insights into themost cutting edge technologies available today andhow they can be applied to solve real-world problems. Apart from that, the upcoming Cikarang Industrial Expois an event for business owners in Indonesia and theSoutheast Asian region. It provides a great opportunityfor businesses to showcase their products, services, andinnovations to potential customers. Not only that, it alsoallows business owners to connect with each other andform valuable partnerships. Exhibitors at the CikarangIndustrial Expo can benefit from greater visibility,improved brand awareness, and increased salesopportunities. It is the perfect platform for businesses toreach out to the public as well as fellow business ownerswho are looking for new suppliers and partners.We invite businesses who are interested in joining us atthe expo to contact us directly!It has been an incredibly eventful month here atIndustrial Guide Asia, with exciting new content andinformative articles. We have had a wonderful timebringing you all of the latest news in our industry, fromexpert interviews to captivating opinion pieces. We hope that you have enjoyed reading this month'sissue as we are look forward to continuing our journeytogether over the coming months and inviting you alongwith us on this incredible adventure. So make sure tostay tuned for our upcoming issues – they're sure to bepacked full of inspiring ideas and engaging content!Sending you good vibes and great fortunes,Wishing you all a veryhappy New Year!!With Love,Team Industrial Guide Asia

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Adani Green Becomes WorldsLargest Wind Solar Hybrid PowerDeveloperAdani Green Energy Ltd (AGEL), the renewablesarm of the Adani Group, has commissioned itsthird wind-solar hybrid power plant atJaisalmer in Rajasthan. The combinedoperational generation capacity of this newlycommissioned hybrid power plant is 450 MW.The plant has Power Purchase Agreements(PPA) with SECI at Rs 2.67/kwh for 25 years. This new hybrid power plant, consisting of 420MW solar and 105 MW wind plants, has beenimplemented with cutting edge technology.With this hybrid plant, Adani Green Energy nowhas the largest operational hybrid powergeneration capacity of 1,440 MW.Page | 01INSIGHT OUTINSIGHT OUTEarlier, in May 2022, AGEL had operationalized India’s firsthybrid power plant of 390 MW. This was followed by thecommissioning, in September 2022, of the world’s largestco-located hybrid power plant of 600 MW. Both thesehybrid energy generation assets are located in Jaisalmer,Rajasthan.With the successful commissioning of this 450 MW plant,AGEL now has a total operational generation capacity of~7.17 GW. This also makes AGEL the world’s largest wind-solar hybrid power farm developer. The newly commissioned 450 MW hybrid power plant ishoused in AGEL’s subsidiary, Adani Solar Energy JaisalmerOne Private Ltd.EnphaseEnergyExpands IQ8MicroinverterDeploymentsin ColoradoEnphase Energy, Inc. (NASDAQ: ENPH), a global energy technologycompany and the world's leading supplier of microinverter-basedsolar and battery systems, announced today that installers ofEnphase® products in Colorado have seen growing deployments ofEnphase Energy Systems™ powered by IQ8TM Microinverters.Residential solar deployments in Colorado are growing steadilyyear-over-year and are expected to reach more than 112 MW bythe end of 2022, according to the most recent U.S. Solar MarketInsight report from Wood Mackenzie and the Solar EnergyIndustries Association. Additionally, deployments of residentialbattery capacity in Colorado are expected to grow seven-fold bythe end of 2026, according to the most recent U.S. Energy StorageMonitor report from the Energy Storage Association and WoodMackenzie.

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For homeowners who want batterybackup, there are no sizing restrictionswhen pairing Enphase IQ™ Batteries withIQ8 Microinverters. With the SunlightJump Start™ feature, IQ8 Microinverterscan restart a home energy system usingonly sunlight after a prolonged gridoutage that drains the battery. Thiseliminates the need for a manual restartof the system and gives homeownersgreater assurance of energy resilience.Enphase IQ8 solar microinverters arebuilt to last and come with a 25-yearlimited warranty.“The Enphase Energy System, poweredby IQ8 Microinverters is the adaptablehome energy solution for a range ofhomeowners’ energy needs,” said DavidCrabill, solar project manager at TritonRoofing & Solar. “With or without abattery, the IQ8 solar system is thetechnology our customers can trust toprovide energy reliability and greatergrid independence.”“We’re committed to bringing Coloradohomeowners and businesses the highestquality solar technology under the sun,and that’s why we’re a proud installer ofEnphase products,” said Jared Latimer,general manager at Solarise Solar.“From ease of installation to efficientenergy generation to real-time energymonitoring capabilities, the IQ8-basedsystems help to bring clean energy tohomeowners across Colorado.”“We’re pleased to be working withinstallers in Colorado who share ourcommitment to accelerating cleanenergy with best-in-class products andcustomer service,” said Dave Ranhoff,chief commercial officer at EnphaseEnergy. “Our IQ8 Microinverter, built forperformance, durability, and safety,empowers homeowners to make theirclean energy goals a reality.”bp (NYSE: BP) completed itspurchase of Archaea EnergyInc., (NYSE: LFG) a leadingprovider of renewablenatural gas (RNG), markinga milestone in the growth ofbp’s strategic bioenergybusiness. “We see enormousopportunity to grow ourbioenergy business bybringing Archaea fully intobp,” said Dave Lawler,chairman and president bpAmerica. “The talent,expertise and passion oftheir team has let themachieve incredible growthso far, and we're excited tosupport the next chapter inline with our strategy.”In October, bp announced ithad agreed to acquireArchaea, subject toregulatory and Archaeashareholder approval.Having received thoseapprovals and with thetransaction complete,Archaea expands bp’spresence in the US biogasindustry, enhancing itsability to supportcustomers’ decarbonizationgoals and progressing itsaim to reduce the averagelifecycle carbon intensity ofthe energy products it sells.-Chase Burke, co-owner at KlickSolar“Colorado electricityprices continue toincrease and aremotivatinghomeowners to seeksolutions that willsave money on theirenergy bills, I canconfidently say thatEnphase provides theindustry’s best optionfor inverters with theirIQ8 line. It is the onlyoption if you wantlong-term reliability.”“Enphase’s advanced solartechnology is a keycomponent of NamasteSolar’s energytransformation for Coloradohomeowners,” said JasonSharpe, co-owner and chiefexecutive officer at NamasteSolar, an employee-ownedcooperative and Certified BCorporation. “Enphase’s IQ8Microinverter expands thefunctionality of solar,powering homes andpromoting a brighter futuredriven by renewable energy.” Enphase’s revolutionary IQ8-based systems can provideSunlight Backup™functionality during anoutage even without abattery. BPCompletesAcquisitionof ArchaeaEnergyPage | 02INSIGHT OUTINSIGHT OUT

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Shell and Eneco have won the tender to build an offshore wind farm atHollandse Kust (west) lot VI. The project will have an installedcapacity of approximately 760 MW and will be located approximately53 kilometres off the Dutch coast from the town of IJmuiden. The newwind farm will be delivered through a joint venture called Ecowendeand is due to be operational in 2026. Shell and Eneco have alreadytaken final investment decision for the wind farm.Wael Sawan, Director of Integrated Gas, Renewables and EnergySolutions at Shell, said: "With Ecowende, we will take a huge step ingrowing our offshore wind portfolio while making a positivecontribution to biodiversity. Through this project we can profitablyaccelerate the large-scale roll-out of offshore wind in the Netherlandsand beyond. This fits well with Shell's Powering Progress strategy todeliver more and cleaner energy to our customers, at home, on theroad and at work."Ecowende aims to set a newecological benchmark for thedevelopment and construction ofwind farms in the North Sea and toenable offshore wind farms to havea net positive impact on nature inthe future. The design of the windfarm takes account of the naturalenvironment through measuressuch as: placing wind turbines agreater distance apart to create acorridor for birds to fly through;using innovative foundationtechniques that keep the impact onmarine mammals and marine lifeto a minimum; and placing naturalreef structures on the seabed toboost biodiversity. More details onthe investments, innovations andresearch programmes will beannounced at a later stage.Bioenergy is one of five strategictransition growth engines that bpintends to grow rapidly through thisdecade. bp expects investment into itstransition growth businesses to reachmore than 40% of its total annualcapital expenditure by 2025, aiming togrow this to around 50% by 2030. With the close of the agreement,Archaea common shares will cease tobe listed on the NYSE. Shell and Eneco win bid todevelop 760 MW offshorewind power in theNetherlands at HollandseKust (west) VIPage | 03INSIGHT OUTINSIGHT OUT-Kees-Jan Rameau,Chief Strategic GrowthOfficer at Eneco“Together with Shell, wewere at the forefront of thedevelopment of offshorewind in the Netherlands.We gained a lot ofknowledge, also in the areaof ecology, and reported onthis. This has contributed tothe further development ofoffshore wind in recentyears. It is great that weare now moving into a newphase with Ecowende, withnature as the startingpoint. This is entirely in linewith our ambition to liveand act within the naturallimits of the planet."

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First Solar, Inc. (Nasdaq: FSLR)has entered into an agreement tosupply 1.6 gigawatts (GW)DC ofits high-performance,responsibly produced Series 7thin film solar modules toNational Grid Renewables. Thedeal was booked prior to therelease of First Solar’s Q3 2022earnings in October and themodules are scheduled to bedelivered in 2026 and 2027.This latest order expands FirstSolar’s relationship with NationalGrid Renewables to over 4 GWDC,with an earlier agreement for 2GWDC of modules announced inJune 2022. National GridRenewables and First Solar havealso partnered on multipleprojects over a decade-longrelationship that includes the200-megawatt (MW) Prairie WolfSolar Project in Illinois and theNoble Solar (275 MW) andStorage (125 MWh) Project inTexas.A Minneapolis-headquarteredbusiness, National GridRenewables is part of theVentures division of National Gridplc and has a portfolio of solar,wind, and energy storageprojects located throughout theUS in various stages ofdevelopment, construction, andoperation.“We are pleased to furtherexpand both our partnership withFirst Solar and our commitmentto using responsibly producedsolar technology to power ournear-term project pipeline,” saidAndy Cukurs, chief operatingofficer, National Grid Renewables.“These modules will be deployedin projects throughout the UnitedStates, bringing clean energy andeconomic benefits tocommunities across the country.”Developed in close collaboration withEngineering, Procurement, andConstruction (EPC) companies, andstructure and component providers, FirstSolar’s Series 7 modules combine thecompany’s thin film cadmium telluride(CadTel) technology with a larger formfactor and a new back rail mountingsystem to deliver improved efficiency,enhanced installation velocity, andsuperior lifetime energy performance forUS utility-scale PV projects.National GridRenewables Orders 1.6GW of First SolarModulesPage | 05INSIGHT OUTINSIGHT OUT-Georges Antoun, ChiefCommercial Officer ofFirst Solar.“National Grid Renewables is anexperienced developer andoperator of large-scale solarprojects and its decision toinvest in Series 7 is a testamentto the track record of our CadTelplatform, and its ability toenhance the competitiveness ofsolar assets. It is also atestament to our valueproposition of providing ourcustomers and partners withlong-term supply certainty andlower political and compliancerisks. This critical point ofdifferentiation separates usfrom many of our competitors.”Designed and developedat its R&D centers inCalifornia and Ohio, FirstSolar’s advanced thin filmPV modules set industrybenchmarks for quality,durability, reliability,design, andenvironmentalperformance. Themodules have the lowestcarbon and waterfootprint of anycommercially availablePV technology today.Additionally, First Solar’sdifferentiated thin filmsemiconductor,integrated manufacturingprocess and tightlycontrolled supply chainhelps eliminate the risk ofexposure to solar supplychains identified by theUS Department of Labor’s2022 List of GoodsProduced by Child Laboror Forced Labor as beingtainted by forced labor.First Solar is the onlycompany among the tenlargest solarmanufacturers globally tobe a member of theResponsible BusinessAlliance (RBA),

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First Solar, the only US-headquartered company among the world’s largestsolar manufacturers, is expanding its manufacturing capacity. In addition toa third factory under construction in Ohio, the company recently announcedan investment of approximately $1.3 billion in expanding its Ohiomanufacturing footprint and a new manufacturing facility, its fourthAmerican manufacturing facility, in Alabama. This latest investment isexpected to bring First Solar’s total investment in American manufacturing toover $4 billion, while its annual US manufacturing capacity is forecast toexpand to over 10 GWDC by 2025. The company also announced a $270million investment in a dedicated research and development (R&D)innovation center in Perrysburg, Ohio, which, contingent upon permitting andpending approval of various state, regional and local incentives is expectedto be completed in 2024.the world’s largest industrycoalition dedicated tosupporting the rights andwell-being of workers andcommunities in the globalsupply chain. The companyis also the first PVmanufacturer to have itsproduct included in theElectronic ProductEnvironmental AssessmentTool (EPEAT) global registryfor sustainable electronics.Page | 06INSIGHT OUTINSIGHT OUTHyundai toroll out firstS’pore-assembledcars in firsthalf of 2023After a delay partly owing tothe Covid-19 pandemic, SouthKorean vehicle manufacturerHyundai Motor’s assemblyplant in Singapore will startrolling out the electric Ioniq 5 inthe first half of this year.To mark the occasion, thecompany will hold a charityauction for the number platesof its first 100 cars assembledin Singapore.These cars will bear specialnumber plates with the EVSprefix, which stands for EVmade in Singapore.The company hopes to raise $400,000 forcharity.The Hyundai Motor Group Innovation Centrein Jurong, the site of Singapore’s first vehicleassembly plant in more than 40 years, isexpected to be completed in April, said MrAndy Kang, Hyundai Motor’s head of salesinnovation group.It was originally slated to be completed lastNovember.Mr Kang told on Wednesday that the plantwill initially import the car’s fully paintedbody shell from its newly opened factory inIndonesia, with all other parts shipped infrom South Korea.When in full swing, thehighly automatedassembly will bemanned by no morethan 30 people.Apart from a “Made inSingapore” sticker onthe door frames, theSingapore-assembledIoniq 5 is identical to itscrossovers made inSouth Korea andIndonesia.Besides the specialnumber plates, the first100 units will also havea Merlion sticker on theboot lid and embossedfront headrests reading“First 100”.Hyundai will hold thecharity auctionbetween Jan 12 and 16to raise funds for thePresident’s Challenge.Bids start from $1,000,with minimumincrements of $100. Thenumbers are from EVS1L to EVS 100J. Biddingcan be done at

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This is the first time such plates areallowed here. Previously, specialnumber plates were allowed only forthe duration of events such as theWorld Economic Forum and the YouthOlympics.Mr Kang said the first 100 cars will behigh-powered twin-motor long-rangemodels priced at $147,800 before thecertificate of entitlement (COE) price isfactored in.A single-motor standard-range modelstarting from around $100,000, beforeCOE, will follow.Mr Kang indicated that a third modelwill be the mass seller. “We aim tobecome the No. 1 EV brand inSingapore,” he said, referring to thesales position currently held by Tesla.To entice consumers, Hyundai isoffering a 10-year, 160,000km warrantyon the Ioniq 5’s battery at 70 per cent,which means that if the battery fails toretain 70 per cent of its charge anytime before the 10th year, Hyundai willreplace it.Page | 07INSIGHT OUTINSIGHT OUTwhich will be held from Thursday to Sunday at SuntecSingapore. Hyundai’s Jurong facility, built at a cost of $400million, will include a customer centre where car buyers canplace an order for an electric car and pick it up there.Mr Kang said customers can continue to buy vehicles from itssole dealer, Komoco. “Customers can choose. There will be nodifference,” he added.This is more comprehensive than manyother electric vehicles’ warranty, butlags behind Toyota’s warranty of 10years, 240,000km at 90 per cent.Hyundai is also throwing in 10 years offree servicing, with terms andconditions.The company is displaying ademonstration model bearing the EVS1L plate at the Singapore Motorshow, The first 100 Singapore-assembled Ioniq 5 carswill have special stickers.

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Page | 09INSIGHT OUTINSIGHT OUTThe electric grid faces a challenge: how tomanage the multi-day variability ofrenewable energy without sacrificingreliability or cost. Form Energy is anAmerican energy storage technology andmanufacturing company that isdeveloping and commercializing an iron-air battery capable of storing electricity for100 hours at system costs competitive withlegacy power plants. The company’spioneering multi-day battery will reshapethe electric system to reliably run on 100%low-cost renewable energy, every day ofthe year.Gov. Jim Justice announced today that Form Energy, Inc.(Form Energy) will partner with the State of West Virginia tobuild its first iron-air battery manufacturing facility on 55acres of property in the northern panhandle of West Virginia,along the Ohio River, in the city of Weirton. The new batterymanufacturing plant is expected to create a minimum of 750new full-time jobs and will represent a total investment of upto $760 million.“Weirton is long overdue for some incredible news,” WestVirginia Governor Jim Justice said. “At one point, Weirton wasone of America’s most important steel towns— a nationalleader in steel production. Now, this historic city is lookingtoward the future, and it’s very bright with Form Energyopening its doors. We structured a unique financial incentivepackage worth up to $290 million in asset-based,performance financing to support their decision to locate inWeirton.”“The funds put toward this project are guaranteed, secured,and collateralized through ownership of all land and buildingsby the state,” Gov. Justice added. “The West VirginiaEconomic Development Authority allocated $75 milliontoward the purchase of land and the construction of buildingsin Weirton this morning. I plan on working with the WestVirginia Legislature and our federal partners to obtain anadditional $215 million needed to finalize our agreement.Resiliency and reliability of power resources for America willbe produced in West Virginia, once again, allowing Weirton tobe a national leader of this growing industry.”West Virginia Governor Jim Justiceannounces Form Energy will site firstAmerican battery manufacturing plant inWeirton, creating hundreds of jobs-Mateo Jaramillo, Co-founder and CEO ofForm Energy“After a year-long nationwide siteselection process that startedwith identifying over 500candidate locations across 16states, it became abundantlyclear that Weirton, West Virginia –a historic steel community thatsits on a river and has the richheritage and know-how to makegreat things out of iron – is theideal location for our firstcommercial battery productionfactory. We look forward toworking with Weirton communityleaders in the coming months todetermine how we can bestsupport the needs of localresidents in the area throughlasting community partnershipand engagement."

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Page | 10INSIGHT OUTINSIGHT OUT“Once again, West Virginiahas won a highly competitiveprocess to bring new jobsand opportunities to theMountain State,” U.S. SenatorShelley Moore Capito said.“Today’s announcement wastruly a collaborative effort,and I want to congratulateGovernor Justice, SecretaryCarmichael, and theleadership of the WestVirginia Senate and House ofDelegates in workingtogether to bring Form Energyto our Northern Panhandle. IfWest Virginia is going tocontinue to be an energystate, we must embrace newtechnologies, but also tell ourstory on a national andglobal level. I look forward toworking with the visionaryleadership of Form Energy asthey ramp up theirproduction in West Virginiaand look forward to morepositive developments for ourhome state in the future.”“We appreciate West Virginia’s pro-business landscape, streamlinedprocesses, and commitment toworkforce development,” Jaramilloadded. “We are especially thankfulto Governor Jim Justice, SecretaryMitch Carmichael, Speaker of theHouse of Delegates Roger Hanshaw,Senate President Craig Blair, and thelocal officials in Hancock County fortheir collaboration and support,which will bring well-paid, full-timeemployment opportunities and cost-effective, safe batteries to advanceAmerican innovation.”“We are so glad that Form Energysaid yes to West Virginia and areexcited to welcome the company toWeirton,” West Virginia Departmentof Economic Development SecretaryMitch Carmichael said. “We willcontinue to support them in any waywe can. Creating 750 jobs andinvesting $760 million in our state isnot something to take lightly, and wecan’t wait to see how this companywill thrive with our strong workforce. Ihope that West Virginia will continuemanufacturing batteries for years tocome.”Form Energy expects to startconstruction of its Weirton factory in2023 and begin manufacturing iron-air battery systems in 2024 for broadcommercialization.“The entire state should share in ourexcitement today as Form Energy,with its revolutionary technology, ischoosing West Virginia,” Speaker ofthe West Virginia House of DelegatesRoger Hanshaw said. “Not only willthis facility and this investment trulychange the Northern Panhandle aswe’ve known it for the pastgeneration, but it also will build onthe state’s prominent role ofpowering the nation as we lead theway in bringing affordable, reliable,renewable energy to themarketplace.”“I could not be more excitedabout today’s announcementwith Form Energy and thisincredible opportunity for both theCity of Weirton and the State ofWest Virginia,” West Virginia StateSenator Ryan Weld said. “Whilethis announcement istremendous news for us all, it’salso personal for me: I grew up indowntown Weirton, and mygrandfathers worked at WeirtonSteel. If Weirton’s past tells usanything about its future, it is thatthe people there will make this anincredibly successful endeavor. Ilook forward to working withofficials from the state and FormEnergy as we begin this newchapter in Weirton’s history.”-U.S. Senator Joe Manchin“Form Energy’s newmanufacturing plant willbring clean and innovativeenergy technologies toWest Virginia and put togood use the vast skills ofour people to help ensureour country’s energysecurity. West Virginiacontinues to be a leader inenergy innovation, and thegood-paying jobs and neweconomic opportunitiesthis will bring are exactlywhat I had in mind as Inegotiated the InflationReduction Act. I have saidit time and again: The pathforward is innovation, notelimination, and with thisannouncement WestVirginia and Form Energyare doing just that.”

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Page | 12INSIGHT OUTINSIGHT OUTCarbon reduction from coal power plants is a key challengeand co-firing of low carbon fuel will facilitate the transitiontowards a low carbon energy economy and subsequent to“Net Zero” emissions. In its efforts to adopt advancedpowering technology to decarbonize power generation inIndia, NTPC Ltd., the country’s largest power generating utility,and GE Power India Limited, a listed company of GE SteamPower in India signed a Memorandum of Understanding(MoU) for feasibility to demonstrate technologies to reducethe carbon footprint of NTPC’s existing coal fired power plants.This first of a kind MOU aims at partnering on research,development and engineering of technologies that will enableNTPC to reduce the amount of coal fired in their units andgradually replace it by co-firing alternative fuels in the boilers- both carboneous (methanol, carbon neutral fuel such asagricultural waste, biomass, etc.) and non-carboneous (suchas ammonia). This will make use of the huge existinginfrastructure and require less new investments as comparedto other decarbonisation options. Furthermore, as in Indiacoal is the only widely available option for baseload powergeneration, it will help to reduce the carbon footprint of thissource of reliable power, for decades in future.NTPC Limited and GE Power IndiaLimited sign MoU to reduce carbonintensity from NTPC’s coal fired units(Left to right): Raj Raman, Projects Management leader, GE Steam Power -India Region, Vinit Pant, Chief Commercial Officer, GE Steam Power,Prashant Jain, MD, GE Power India Limited and RGM, GE Steam Power, U.K.Bhattacharya, Director Projects NTPC Limited, Pankaj Kumar Gupta, GeneralManager (Energy Transition & Policy Research), NTPC Limited, Dr VijayPrakash, Chief General Manager (Engineering Services), NTPC Limited,Sanjeev Duggal, MD, NTPC GE Power Services Limited, and Dipankar Halder,Additional General Manager (Energy Transition & Policy Research), NTPCLimited at the MoU signing in Delhi.As a primary goal, the collaboration is tosupport NTPC in co-firing of biomasspellets beyond 20% and up to 100%, as wellas enabling the co-firing of methanol. It willalso explore the possibility of introducingammonia as a co-firing fuel, and develop,test and demonstrate technologies thatallow a total co-firing with lower carbonfuels in coal fired power plants.-Ujjwal Kanti Bhattacharya,Director Projects, NTPCLimited“We are looking forward to workingwith GE Power India Limited as NTPCintends to minimize the carbonfootprint of our 57+ GW coal-basedunits. We aim to decrease carbonfootprint from our coal fired powerplants by co-firing of alternativefuels such as carbon neutral fuel,Green Methanol and GreenAmmonia. It will support our goal ofreducing carbon emissions from ourcoal-based power generation, aspart of NTPC’s The Brighter Plan2032 that aims at setting newbenchmarks in sustainability alongthe entire energy value chain inIndia.”

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Page | 13INSIGHT OUTINSIGHT OUTSolarEdge Technologies, Inc. (“SolarEdge”) (NASDAQ: SEDG), a globalleader in smart energy technology, announced today that it hasentered into a definitive agreement to acquire the entire share capitalof Hark Systems Ltd. (“Hark”). Founded in 2016 and based in Leeds UK,Hark offers a highly flexible Software as a Service (SaaS) Internet ofThings (IoT) platform that allows enterprises and asset operators toconnect, analyze and optimize industrial assets and energy in theircommercial sites. Hark’s technology enables rapid deployment andcommissioning across multiple sites. Hark’s customer base iscomprised of diverse industries, including some of the largestsupermarket chains in the UK.-Prashant Jain, MDGE Power IndiaLimited and RGM GESteam Power“This MOU is in line withour country’s efforts toadopt advancedpowering technology todecarbonize powergeneration. We areexcited to partner withNTPC Limited on findingsolutions to addresscarbon emissions, whileensuring efficient, reliableand affordable powergeneration. This is a hugestride in India’s energytransition journey as thecountry looks ahead toachieve its net-zerotargets.”SolarEdge toAcquire HarkSystems, aEuropean-BasedEnergy Analyticsand IoT CompanyThe acquisition of Hark is expected to enable SolarEdge to offer its commercial and industrial (C&I)customers expanded capabilities in energy management and connectivity, including identification ofpotential energy savings, detection of anomalies in assets’ energy consumption, and optimization of energyusage and carbon emissions through load orchestration and storage control.“Hark’s SaaS platform will enable us to grow our extensive commercial and industrial energy managementportfolio and offer additional services to our C&I customers,” said Zvi Lando, CEO, SolarEdge Technologies.“Coupled with our smart energy solutions, Hark’s advanced technological capabilities can provideenterprises with greater transparency and control of their energy usage and carbon emissions.”“SolarEdge has revolutionized how solar energy is harvested and managed and has deployed millions ofsmart energy management systems globally. We are excited to be able to be a part of the SolarEdgeoffering and join their global infrastructure to assist enterprises in the C&I market to manage their energy ina more efficient and sustainable way,” said Jordan Appleson, CEO and Co-Founder, Hark Systems.The acquisition is subject to certain customary closing conditions and regulatory approvals and is expectedto close during the second quarter of 2023.

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Page | 15INSIGHT OUTINSIGHT OUTEVgo Inc. (NASDAQ: EVGO), one ofthe nation’s largest public fastcharging networks for electricvehicles (EVs), today announcedthe launch of a new EV chargingdiscount program for ridesharedrivers on the Lyft platform. Thisexpansion of EVgo and Lyft’scollaboration demonstrates thecompanies’ shared commitment toachieving mass EV adoption andincreases access to convenient fastcharging infrastructure forrideshare drivers.EVgo and Lyft Launch New Partnershipto Accelerate Rideshare ElectrificationNationwide-Paul Augustine,Lyft’s Director ofSustainability.“Electrifying ourtransportation network is acritical component infighting climate change. Weknow many drivers on Lyftwant to switch to EVs, whichis why we’re focused onaddressing the biggestbarriers they face intransitioning: upfront costsand access to affordablecharging. This expandedpartnership with EVgo is animportant step inaddressing the secondbarrier and part of a suite ofnew offerings to supportdrivers in switching to an EVon Lyft,”Starting this week, drivers on the Lyft platform will be able to enroll inthe new program with EVgo via the Lyft Driver app. Once enrolled,drivers in certain markets with Lyft Gold and Platinum status cansave up to 45% on session costs over EVgo’s standard Pay As You Gorates.* In addition, drivers with Lyft will enjoy waived monthly fees atEVgo’s more than 850 fast charging locations nationwide. “The number of rideshare drivers in the U.S. has climbed above onemillion, with many millions more Americans taking advantage ofridesharing services every day.** Accelerating the transition ofrideshare vehicles to electric is a critical piece of transportationelectrification in this country. Drivers with Lyft are uniquely positionedto benefit from EV use as well as be champions for electrification inthe communities they serve,” said Cathy Zoi, CEO at EVgo. “Weappreciate this new partnership with Lyft and look forward to helpingall drivers on the Lyft platform save on fast charging with EVgo andget back on the road quickly.”EVgo’s expanded partnership with Lyft aims to reduce emissionsfrom the transportation sector by providing rideshare drivers withincreased opportunities and incentives to adopt EVs. The new EVcharging discount program with Lyft arrives shortly after recentenhancements to the EVgo network, including the availability ofEVgo Autocharge+, which enables drivers to initiate a chargingsession by simply plugging in. Tesla drivers with the CCS Combo 1Adapter can take advantage of Autocharge+, as well as access fastcharging – up to 250kW – at many EVgo DC fast charging stations.

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Electric rideshare drivers rely on public charging infrastructure to recharge on the go. A 2019 study from EVgofound that rideshare drivers typically drive 3-7x more miles than the average EV owner, leading some driversto charge multiple times per day. As a result, urban charging solutions play a vital role in helping driversmake the transition to EVs -- and today, Lyft is leading by example on electric and hybrid vehicle adoption,with vehicles on its network being approximately 22% more fuel efficient than the U.S. on average.For additional details about the charging discount program for drivers with Lyft, click here. For moreinformation around the locations of EV chargers within the EVgo charging network, visit | 16INSIGHT OUTINSIGHT OUTIn September, during an exclusiveinterview with Arab News on thesidelines of the Future DesalinationForum, ACWA Power’s CEO PaddyPadmanathan said that the companyis planning to expand its waterdesalination plants in the Middle Eastand Africa within the next few years,especially in Egypt and Morocco. During the UN Climate ChangeConference in November, ACWAPower’s Chairman MohammedAbunayyan said that the companyintends to save up to 9.5 million tonsof carbon per year by 2025. Abunayyan also noted that the firm isplanning to supply green hydrogen tothe world and it has many projects inits pipeline dispersed from Oman toEgypt to Thailand and even Morocco. Saudi Arabia’sACWA Powersigns $2.4bnwind energyPPA withUzbekistanSaudi Arabia’s ACWA Powerhas signed a power purchaseagreement with the NationalElectric Grid of Uzbekistan tobuild three wind power plantsin the Central Asian country. The $2.4 billion Kungrad windfarm project will be executedthrough special-purposevehicles in the north-westernKarakalpakstan region ofUzbekistan, ACWA Power saidin a bourse filing to theTadawul stock exchange. According to the statement,the wind farm, uponcompletion, is expected tooffset 2.4 million tons ofcarbon emissions per year andpower 1.65 million homes. ACWA Power further noted thatthe power purchaseagreement covers three windpower plants at the site, eachdeveloping 500 megawatts ofwind power. The bourse filing added that thedeal covers the development,construction and operation of theproject, and the contract has aduration of 25 years upon thecompletion of the project. “The financial impact of thecontracted revenues is expectedonce the project achieves projectcommercial operating date onthe third quarter of 2027,” saidACWA Power in the filing. Formerly known asKarakalpakstan WindIndependent Power Producer, theKungrad wind facility is touted tobe the largest single-site windfarm in Central Asia and one ofthe biggest worldwide. ACWA Power has been steadilyexpanding its global footprintover the years and is now one ofthe biggest names in the energysector globally.

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Page | 17INSIGHT OUTINSIGHT OUTPETRONAS’ subsidiary, PETRONASPetróleo Brasil Ltda. (PPBL) and partnershave won the Agua Marinha explorationblock during the first cycle of Brazil’sopen acreage under productionsharing regime bid held in Rio deJaneiro.PPBL will hold a 20 per centparticipating interest in the blocklocated in the Campos Basin, withPetrobras (30 per cent) as the operator,TotalEnergies (30 per cent) andQatarEnergy (20 per cent).The result of the bid for the pre-saltacreage area was announced by theBrazilian National Agency of Petroleum,Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP) in a liveceremony on 16 December.PETRONASand PartnersWin AguaMarinhaBlock in BrazilBid RoundPPBL recently announced the first oil discovery at the 4-BRSA-1386D-RJS well in the pre-salt Sépia oil field in the Santos Basin. Ithas a 21 per cent participating interest in the field.PPBL also holds participating interests in the Tartaruga Verde(BM-C-36 Concession) and Module III of the Espadarte(Espadarte Concession) deepwater fields, as well as threedeepwater exploration blocks, C-M-541, C-M-661 and C-M-715,in the Campos Basin.-PETRONAS Vice President of Exploration,Mohd Redhani Abdul Rahman “We are truly thrilled by the favourable outcome of thebid round. This success demonstrates our competitiveedge in sustainably developing and monetising assetsin the Campos Basin. PETRONAS remains focused tounlock more value from the assets with its partnersalongside the host authorities,”

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Page | 18INSIGHT OUTINSIGHT OUTConocoPhillips (NYSE: COP) andQatarEnergy today announced thesigning of two agreements to supplylong-term liquefied natural gas (LNG)to Germany. The suppliers are jointventure companies establishedbetween ConocoPhillips andQatarEnergy to participate in theNorth Field East (NFE) and North FieldSouth (NFS) projects, and the buyer isa wholly owned subsidiary ofConocoPhillips. First delivery isexpected in 2026 to the recentlyannounced German LNG Terminal atBrunsbüttel.His Excellency Saad Sherida Al-Kaabi,the Minister of State for Energy Affairs,and President and CEO ofQatarEnergy, and Ryan Lance,chairman and chief executive officerof ConocoPhillips, signed the LNG saleand purchase agreements during aspecial ceremony held atQatarEnergy’s headquarters in Dohain the presence of senior executivesfrom both companies.ConocoPhillipsandQatarEnergyAgree toProvideReliable LNGSupply toGermany-Ryan Lance, Chairman and CEO ofConocoPhillips“QatarEnergy and ConocoPhillips are excited for theopportunity to responsibly and securely supply worldmarkets with LNG from the Qatari expansion projects.These agreements will provide an attractive LNGofftake solution for our new joint ventures withQatarEnergy and position the joint ventures as reliablesources of LNG supply into Europe.”“This is the culmination of efforts between two trusted partners,QatarEnergy and ConocoPhillips, over many years, to providereliable and credible LNG supply solutions to customers acrossthe globe, and today, to German end-consumers,” said HisExcellency Minister Al-Kaabi. “Germany is the largest gas marketin Europe, with significant demand in the industrial, power, andhousehold sectors, and we are committed to contribute to theenergy security of Germany and Europe at large.”Through its joint ventures with QatarEnergy, ConocoPhillips holdsa 3.125% interest in the NFE project and a 6.25% interest in the NFSproject. The company has agreed to terminal services for a 15-year period at the German LNG Terminal.

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Page | 20TECHNOLOGYTECHNOLOGYThe current world record of tandem solar cells consisting of a siliconbottom cell and a perovskite top cell is once again at HZB. The newtandem solar cell converts 32.5 % of the incident solar radiation intoelectrical energy. The certifying institute European Solar TestInstallation (ESTI) in Italy measured the tandem cell and officiallyconfirmed this value which is also included in the NREL chart of solar celltechnologies, maintained by the National Renewable Energy Lab, USA.World record back at HZB:Tandem solar cell achieves32.5 percent efficiencyThe lead authors, postdocs Dr.Silvia Mariotti, and Dr. EikeKöhnen in Albrecht’s team,developed an interfacemodification to reduce chargecarrier recombination lossesand applied detailed analysis tounderstand the specificproperties of the interfacemodification. Thesedevelopments were thensuccessfully implemented intandem solar cells, and withhelp of Master’s student LeaZimmermann, combined withfurther optical improvements.In addition, many morescientists and technicianshelped to develop and fabricatethe tandem cells to achieve thissuccess. Altogether, theinterface and opticalmodifications enabled highestphotovoltages (open-circuitvoltage) and resulted in the newrecord efficiency for thisfascinating tandem technology. His team used an advanced perovskitecomposition with a very smart interfacemodification. The lead authors, postdocs Dr.Silvia Mariotti, and Dr. Eike Köhnen inAlbrecht’s team, developed an interfacemodification to reduce charge carrierrecombination losses and applied detailedanalysis to understand the specificproperties of the interface modification.These developments were then successfullyimplemented in tandem solar cells, and withhelp of Master’s student Lea Zimmermann,combined with further opticalimprovements.Scientists from HZBcould significantlyimprove on theefficiency ofperovskite/silicontandem solar cells. "Thisis a really big leapforward that we didn'tforesee a few monthsago. All the teamsinvolved at HZB,especially the PVCompetence Center(PVComB) and theHySPRINT Innovation labteams have workedtogether successfullyand with passion," saysProf. Steve Albrecht.The illustration shows the schematic structure of the tandem solar cell with a bottom cellmade of silicon and a top cell made of perovskite. While the top cell can utilise blue lightcomponents, the bottom cell converts the red and near-infrared components of thespectrum. Different thin layers help to optimally utilise the light and minimise electricallosses.Interface modificationsHis team used an advanced perovskitecomposition with a very smart interfacemodification. Fast ProgressThere is an ongoing efficiencydevelopment by variousresearch institutes andcompanies over the last yearsand especially the last monthwere quite exciting for the field:Various teams from HZB hadachieved a record value in late2021 with an efficiency of 29.8%that was realized by periodicnanotextures. More recently, insummer 2022, the EcolePolytechnique Fédérale deLausanne, Switzerland, firstreported a certified tandem cellabove the 30% barrier at 31.3%,which is a remarkable efficiencyjump over the 2021 value.With the new certified value of32.5%, the record is again backat HZB.

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Page | 21TECHNOLOGYTECHNOLOGY "We are very excited about the new valueas it shows that the perovskite/silicontandem technology is highly promisingfor contributing to a sustainable energysupply," says Albrecht.-HZB's scientific director,Prof. Bernd Rech"At 32.5 percent, the solar cellefficiency of the HZB tandems isnow in ranges previously onlyachieved by expensive III/Vsemiconductors. The NREL graphclearly shows how spectacularthe last two increases from EPFLand HZB really are."

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Page | 22TECHNOLOGYTECHNOLOGY EUROPEAN PILOT LINE FORINNOVATIVE PHOTOVOLTAICTECHNOLOGY BASED ONTANDEM SOLAR CELLStowards renewables. R&I arecritical for delivering solutionsand system transformations. Onthe European level, there is anurgent need to increase theefficiency of the entirerenewable energy value chainand integrate sustainabilitythroughout it. Moreover, the newgeopolitical and energy marketreality requires us to drasticallyaccelerate the clean energytransition by increasing Europe'senergy independence andreducing the continent’sreliance on unreliable suppliersand volatile fossil fuels.PEPPERONI, a new R&I projectco-funded by the EU underHorizon Europe and supportedby the Swiss State Secretariatfor Education, Research andInnovation (SERI), willsignificantly contribute towardsreaching these targets.development will be established at Qcells’European headquarters in Thalheim,Germany. The project began on 1 November2022, with the long-term vision of enablingEuropean industrial leadership on PVproduction in the global market.The project will helpadvanceperovskite/silicontandem photovoltaics(PV) technology’sjourney towards marketintroduction and massmanufacturing.PEPPERONI‘s goal is toidentify and addressthe barriers to tandemsolar technology’smarket introduction,and ultimately lay thefoundations for newproduction capacity inEurope. A pilot lineenabling this Clean Energy for EuropeThe European Union (EU) targets climateneutrality by 2050 in a scenario wherebyrenewable energy plays a central role.Currently, energy is responsible for morethan 75% of the EU’s greenhouse gasemissions. The research and innovation(R&I) programme, Horizon Europe (whichruns until 2027 with a budget of €95.5 billionis one of the key actions taken by theEuropean Commission (EC) to tackleclimate change and speed up the energytransition towards renewablesHarnessing solartechnologies to enableEuropean manufacturingPEPPERONI aims to set up a pilotline to develop solar moduleswith perovskite/silicon (Si)tandem technology. Funding willtotal approximately €14.5million over four years, with theconsortium covering the fullvalue chain of PV innovation.The most widely establishedsolar cell technologies to dateare made with silicon, andsilicon PV is now one of thecheapest means of electricityproduction in many parts of theworld. The solar industry’ssuccess in recent years haspushed the industry towards thecurrent practical limits ofefficiency for silicon technology.To exceed the limits of single-material cells, scientists haveproposed to add onecomplementary solar cell toform so-called “tandem” solarcells.PEPPERONI, a four-year Research and Innovation project co-funded under Horizon Europe and jointly coordinated byHelmholtz-Zentrum Berlin and Qcells, will support Europe inreaching its renewable energy target of climate neutrality by2050

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PEPPERONI proposes to use atype of silicon bottom cell,which is based on technologythat is already produced at agigawatt scale globally:Q.ANTUM technology, whichwas first introduced in 2012 bythe project partner leading thetechnology development,Qcells. As part of its proprietaryQ.ANTUM Technology, Qcellshas developed severalinnovations, from first ideas tomass production readiness,and successfully transferredthese innovations into high-volume production.Page | 23Examples include theintroduction of PERC-like(passivated emitter and rearcell) solar cell technology, aswell as half-cell, wire-basedinterconnection and zero-gapsolar module technology.Recently, Qcells has expandedits Q.ANTUM technology bydeveloping a passivatingcontact technology (Q.ANTUMNEO) to further boost solar celland module efficiency. Q.ANTUMtechnology enables Qcells’unique Yield Security, whichoffers a number of additionalbenefits regarding cellperformance and reliability.Applying the same provenproduct requirements to thePEPPERONI tandem technology isa crucial task of the project.PEPPERONI has selected technologythat promises the best ratio ofperformance over manufacturingcosts – silicon/perovskite tandem.Perovskite, a novel class materialwith a special crystal structure, canbe fine-tuned to take advantage ofthe parts of the solar spectrum thattypical silicon PV materials cannotutilise very efficiently, meaning theymake excellent hybrid-tandempartners. PEPPERONI will 'spice up'industrial silicon cells with aperovskite top cell. This tandemdesign benefits from the industrialexpertise of silicon PV and extendsthe range of attainable powerconversion efficiency (PCE) beyondthe practical limits of silicon.Increasing the PCE of solar cells isimportant for two reasons. In thelong run, it is the most effective wayto reduce the levelised cost ofelectricity (LCOE). And in the shortterm, it is the best way to promotephotovoltaics for applications wherespace is limited e.g., rooftops,facades, or vehicles.Within PEPPERONI, a pilot line for thedevelopment of industrial-typetandem cells and modules will beestablished at the Qcells Europeanheadquarters in Thalheim, Germany,and will feature innovativeequipment, processes and materialsto produce high-efficiency tandemcells and modules The project aimsto scale up the active area ofperovskite/Si tandems from the1cm2 of today’s record devices toindustry-relevant dimensions.PEPPERONI’s approach promises afast and cost-competitive route tomass-production of PV modules ofhigh performance and longdurability.TECHNOLOGYTECHNOLOGY -Fabian Fertig,Director Global R&DWafer & Cells atQcells,“Qcells is proud to bepart of the PEPPERONIconsortium with itsworld-class technologypartners. This researchpromises to break newground in theadvancement ofperovskite-silicontandem solar cell andmodule technology. Ata time ofunprecedentedpressures on the currentenergy system, it isexciting to realise thisfirst and transformativestep towards industrial-scale manufacturing ofnext-generation PVtechnology in Europe.”Q.ANTUM TechnologyMaking solar energy accessiblePEPPERONI’s strong andcomplementary consortiumaims to tackle the challengescurrently hindering thedeployment of tandem solarcells. The project’s key goalsinclude:• minimise scaling losses thanksto innovations in used materialsand equipment• develop thin-film depositionprocesses and equipment• extend the operational stabilityof perovskites thanks to in-depthanalyses of performance losses• remove any human health orenvironmental hotspots• establish a robust andcompetitive European innovationbase and PV supply chain

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Page | 24TECHNOLOGYTECHNOLOGY Delta Indonesia Fostered E-mobility at the 2022 G20 BaliSummit with Almost 250 EVChargers and EngineeringServicesIsland and charged almost 900 EVs duringthe B20 and G20 events, were the main EVcharging solution for the 17th G20 Summit.This remarkable milestone further cementsDelta’s status as a leading provider of smartenergy-saving solutions in Indonesia,following its successful implementation of21,000 smart LED streetlights in Jakarta in2017.In Bali, Delta has so far provided 200 AC and46 DC EV chargers, including the 200kW DCUltra Fast Charger and the 25kW DC WallboxCharger, to the EV charging stations ofcustomers including state-owned electricitycompany Perusahaan Listrik Negara (PLN),state-owned oil and natural gas companyPertamina, and Hyundai Indonesia.Throughout the 2022 G20 Summit over 900EVs were charged with Delta supplying 80%of the operating EV chargers. After the event,the state-owned companies are expected toinstall more EV chargers in major citiesacross Indonesia to promote the local EVecosystem.In cooperation withstate-owned electricitycompany PerusahaanListrik Negara (PLN),state-owned oil andnatural gas companyPertamina, andHyundai Indonesia,Delta Indonesiasuccessfullyimplemented almost250 electric vehicle (EV)chargers to foster e-mobility at the 2022Group of Twenty (G20)Bali Summit, whichgathered the leaders ofthe world’s largesteconomies inNovember 2022.Delta EV chargers,which make up around80% of chargers on Bali -Mr. Johnny Tam,Country Manager forDelta Indonesia“In line with our corporatemission, ‘To provideinnovative, clean andenergy-efficient solutionsfor a better tomorrow’,Delta has become aglobal leader in e-mobility, having alreadydelivered over 1.5 millionEV chargers to ourworldwide customersover the past decade.With its comprehensivehardware and softwareportfolio, Delta is the onlyEV charging supplier inIndonesia capable ofcharging all types of EVs,from e-Buses topassenger EVs to heavye-motorbikes, and hasalready deployed over2,000 EV chargerscountrywide. Delta’sexcellent engineeringcapability enables perfectintegration and softwareconnectivity withcustomer backendservers for seamless relayof EV charginginformation. During theG20 Summit, Delta’sengineering team alsoprovided on-site supportto ensure perfectcharging services for EVdrivers. Our customerswere very satisfied withthe reliable operation andseamless integration ofDelta’s EV chargers andmanagement software.”

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Page | 25TECHNOLOGYTECHNOLOGY In addition, EV charging stations were set up at shoppingmalls, parking lots and luxury hotels. The B20 Summit onNovember 13-14, 2022 was the official G20 dialogue forumwith the global business community held under the theme-Advancing Innovative, Inclusive and Collaborative Growth.In 2019, Delta launched the first Ultra Fast Charger inSoutheast Asia in Jakarta. With over 2,000 Delta EV chargersinstalled across the country, Delta is now the EV chargermarket leader in Indonesia. As an early market entrant, DeltaIndonesia has gained experience and accumulatedexcellent performance records with local customers to gaintheir trust.The 2022 G20 Bali Summit was hosted bythe government of Indonesia under themotto Recover Together, Recover Stronger.Participating world leaders discussed arange of pressing geopolitical, economicand environmental issues. The large EVfleet used by delegates at the event aimedto demonstrate the Indonesiangovernment’s strong commitment to greentransportation and the sustainableinfrastructure readiness of Bali. Themajority of the EV charging stations werelocated near the G20 Summit venue at BaliNusa Dua Convention Center.

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SIESTORAGE NEOPage | 27PRODUCT COMMUNIQUEPRODUCT COMMUNIQUEAdvantech (TWSE: 2395), a global leader in Industrial IoT,is excited to announce the release of the PPC-315W ADL-Nand PPC-318W ADL-N Panel PCs in Q4 of 2023. These twounits come with Intel® Processors N-Series as part of theAdvantech All-in-One PPC product line. Advantech's PPC-315W and 318W with Intel® Processors N-Series are a seriesof high-performing, ultra-slim panel PCs designed forvarious uses. With a 15.6"/18.5" FHD LCD and a low-powerIntel® Processors N-Series, each device delivers powerfulcomputing in a compact, fanless form. The PPC-315W/318W is built for durability and functionality,featuring an IP66-rated front panel, multi-touch projectedcapacitive touchscreen, a die-cast aluminum alloyenclosure, and essential I/O ports. It is compatible withboth Windows and Linux software, making it a versatilesolution for a variety of industrial applications.Additionally, the high performance of the PPC-315W and318W with Intel® Processors N-Series makes them ideal forthe processing and management of large datasets withinpowerful applications. With its advanced features andcapabilities, the PPC-300 series represents the future ofHMI (human-machine interface) systems, bringing thebenefits of Industry 4.0 to your fingertips.Boost your grid connectionOur battery storage allows peak shavingwhen the charging infrastructure requiresloads higher than foreseen for your gridconnection. The base configuration provides184 kW of power with a capacity of 164 kWh.It can be extended up to 368 kW of powerand 656 kWh capacity and various optionsfor project specific customization can beselected. SIESTORAGE NEO is designedcompact and space saving and integrateshighly reliable industrial components. Thisbattery storage is the perfect match withutility, industry, and infrastructureapplications.Advantech’s all-in-one PPC-300 seriesThe New UltimatePanel PC with Intel®Processors N-Series

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The PPC-315W and 318W areequipped with essential I/O foreasy integration andmaintenance, including twoGbE LAN ports (up to 2.5G), twoserial ports, four USB ports, andan HDMI port. In addition, theM.2 2230 Wi-Fi support ensuresefficient wireless connectivity.These features make the PPC-315W/318W ideal for a range ofapplications.Page | 28PRODUCT COMMUNIQUEPRODUCT COMMUNIQUEFLEXHA™ 5000 I/O GuardLink®1756-EN4TR EnhancementsOne of the most desiredimprovements to the Studio5000 Logix Designerexperience in the processindustry is the expansion forthe SequenceManager™ toinclude 5x80P controllersupport. Customers will nowbe able to extend the samefunctionality that has beenavailable and proven to aprocess application with thelatest in process controllertechnology.V35 supports the latesthardware, including theintroduction of support for:A top enhancement requestfrom users within Studio5000® to support the Motionapplications is the ability tovirtualize motion for Kinetix®,PowerFlex® and iTRAK® 5730CIP Motion devices. Axis-TestMode supports physicalcontrollers and emulatedcontrollers using FactoryTalk®Logix Echo. A new benefit with V35 is theexpansion of three new processinstructions that will be addedand embedded in the software,including P_SD, P_nPOS, andP_valveMP. These instructions,along with the various processimprovements made in thesoftware, can be paired withPlanxPAx® seamlessly, makingprogramming a processapplication more streamlined.Intel® Processors N-Series:Maximizing Efficiency andPerformanceThe Intel® Processors N-Series is ahighly-efficient, high-performanceCPU that suits a wide range ofhuman-machine interface products.Advanced manufacturingtechnologies are used to obtain fastand efficient performance, while itslow power consumption andcompact design make it ideal foruse in panel PCs like the PPC-315Wand PPC-318W. With its ability tohandle a wide array of workloads,the combination of an Intel®Processors N-Series as part of anAdvantech panel PC is a powerfulchoice for any application.Innovative Design withReliable FunctionalityPPC-315W and 318W are equippedwith powerful processors and use anoptimized mechanical thermaldesign that works well in a compact,fanless system. These systems alsoleverage M.2 technology to quicklycapture, process, and digitize datafor a range of industrial applications.The combination of advanced Intel®Processors N-Series andAdvantech’s innovative technologymakes the PPC-315W and 318W idealfor running multiple demandingapplications simultaneously.In order to adapt to varioususage scenarios, PPC-315Wand PPC-318W feature a robustaluminum alloy enclosure andadvanced EMC protection thatmeets IEC 60601-1-2 standards.These devices also have a wideoperating temperature range of-20 to 60 °C (-4 to 140 °F) andare rated IP66 for protectionagainst dust, oil, and wateringress. These features makethe PPC-315W/318W with Intel®Processors N-Series ideal foruse in a variety of challengingenvironments.Optimal Performance andVersatility with Our RobustPanel PCEasy Integration andMaintenance of EssentialI/O and WirelessConnectivityRockwell AutomationDelivers Expanded HardwareSupport, FeatureEnhancements andProductivity with NewVersion of Studio 5000 LogixDesigner® V35

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Page | 30GREAT OPPORTUNITYGREAT OPPORTUNITYSES 2023 video contestIn which ways are youconcretely advancing thetransition to a future withrenewable energy sourcesin your community?What is yourcountry/region/city/community doing to advance thetransition to a future withrenewable energy sources?The Student Energy Summit2023, in partnership with IRENAand Youth 4 Sustainability(Y4S), a Masdar initiative, ispleased to announce thelaunch of a video contestfocused on the themeReimagining the Future withRenewable Energy. Participantsare asked to submit a video inone of two categories:About the competitionAwardsReceive fully-fundedparticipation in theStudent EnergySummit 2023 in AbuDhabi in November2023,Be invited to virtuallyparticipate in a panelat the Youth Hub atthe Abu DhabiSustainability Week2023.The winner(s) of the videocontest will:The top videos will bepresented at the 2023IRENA Youth Forum, theAbu Dhabi SustainabilityWeek 2023 and StudentEnergy Summit 2023 andcirculated on socialmedia. Eligibility and rulesThe youth video contest will be open forsubmissions between December 1-31,2022. The deadline is December 31, 2022at 23:59 Abu Dhabi time. The winner or winners will be announcedby the Student Energy Summit teamduring the IRENA Youth Forum (January13, 2022) and through SES social mediachannels. The number of winners (1-3)will be determined based on the numberand quality of submissions. The competition is open to contestants18-30 years old from all over the world. Video entry must clearly and creativelyaddress the above mentioned theme in60 seconds or less.The video should be submitted byuploading it either on participant’sTwitter or Instagram account by usingthe hashtag #SES2023VideoContest andtagging Student Energy Summit 2023(@ses.2023 on Instagram and @ses2023on Twitter). Instagram account settingsmust be set to “public” for SES 2023 toreceive a notification and access thevideo.Submissions are limited to one video perindividual.The video should be in English, or ifcreated in another language mustinclude English subtitles.Being fully cognizant of cultural aspectsaround the world, it is not mandatorythat the youth shows the face in thevideo.Young people, especially those fromlow-income countries and living in areasmost impacted by digital divide, maylack access to advanced video-makingtechnologies. Therefore, there is nospecific requirement for the video to beof high quality or resolution.Submissions depicting violence, sexism,racism or containing content or imagesthat could be considered abusive,inflammatory, denigrating ordisrespectful to any groups, individualsor institutions will be disqualified.Submissions must adhere to the normsof civil discourse and be suitable for aglobal public audience.Participation CriteriaYou can enter the contest by uploading a video of maximum60 seconds addressing the contest theme on Twitter orInstagram, using the hashtag #SES2023VideoContest andtagging Student Energy Summit 2023 (@ses.2023 on Instagramand @ses2023 on Twitter). Submissions must abide by theparameters listed in the below eligibility and rules section.

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Page | 31GREAT OPPORTUNITYGREAT OPPORTUNITYBy entering the youth video contest, participants acknowledgeand guarantee that the submitted video is an original workcreated solely by the participant and that it does not infringe oncopyrights, trademarks and the rights of privacy, publicity, orintellectual property rights of any person or entity.By submitting a video to this contest, participants agree to grantStudent Energy and Student Energy Summit 2023 the right toreproduce, distribute, display, and create derivative works of theentry in any media at any time.What happens when the winddrops, or the sun goes down?Explain the future role ofenergy storage, such ashydrogen in keeping powerand heating renewable.Hydrogen decarbonises theparts other technologies can’treach. Discuss how industrymight use Hydrogen for theproduction of green fertiliser,steels, building materials, etc.Entrants are asked to submit upto three (3) minutes of video oranimation explaining an excitingscientific concept that is relevantto the net zero mission. Entrantswill need to demonstrate theyhave researched their theme andused this research to drawconclusions to develop their ownoriginal content and insights. Allwork submitted to theCompetition must be originaland any third-party images orstatements must be approved orlicensed. For editorial purposes,Ceres acquires ownership of allrights in the winning video oranimation which maybe featuredor published by Ceres or STEMLearning UK.Competition entries can besubmitted as part of a team ofno more than 5 participants (seeT&Cs for full details on number ofentries per school and agegroups). Individual entries willalso be welcomed.Parental permission will beneeded prior to entering thecompetition by completing thetick boxon the entry form.Ideas for themes:Video selection criteriaRelevance to the theme: the video clearly and creativelyrepresents the theme of Reimagining the Future with RenewableEnergy through positive youth perspectives.Originality and creativity: The content is unique and notderivative of other ideas and presents the theme in an originaland compelling way.Potential viewer impact: The video conveys personal oraspirational thoughts that are inspiring to viewers, especiallyyoung people, and that can be applicable in practice by otheryouth.A selection committee made up of representatives from StudentEnergy Summit 2023, IRENA and Masdar will evaluate thesubmissions based on the following criteria: Ceres Reimagine cleanenergy competition 2023The competition, in collaboration with STEM Learning UK and thisyear’s sponsor, The Tallow Chandlers Company, will see studentsaged between 11-18 years old from schools across the South East ofEngland, asked to submit up to three minutes of animationexplaining an exciting and original scientific concept relevant to thenet-zero mission.The Brief

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LOCAL ENERGY ACTIONThe EUSEW Innovation Awardrecognises outstanding ongoing orrecently completed EU-fundedprojects that show an original andinnovative path towards the cleanenergy transition.Page | 32GREAT OPPORTUNITYGREAT OPPORTUNITYGUIDELINESEUSEWAWARDS 2023Prizes are awarded in threecategories:WOMAN IN ENERGYThe EUSEW Woman inEnergy Award recogniseswomen who leadoutstanding activitiesthat, if replicated, help toadvance the cleanenergy transition inEurope. Particularattention is placed onefforts to drive the gendermainstreaming agendaand support equality andequal opportunities in theenergy sector.Welcome to the submission page ofthe Start Up Energy TransitionAward 2023. We kindly ask you totake the time to read througheverything thoroughly, and in caseyou have any further questions,please write to: contact@startup-energy-transition.comThe European SustainableEnergy Awards recogniseoutstanding individualsand projects for theirinnovation and efforts inthe field of energyefficiency and renewables.INNOVATIONThe EUSEW Innovation Awardrecognises outstanding ongoing orrecently completed EU-fundedprojects that show an original andinnovative path towards the cleanenergy transition.Finalists are chosen by ahigh-level jury from ashortlist of the year’smost impactful projectsand actions for clean,secure and efficientenergy, and the winnersare decided by an onlinepublic vote (starting inMay 2023). A film crew willvisit the locations of thefinalists' activities andinterview key actors tofeature them in EUSEWcommunications.The three finalists foreach award category areinvited to the Awardsceremony on 20 June2023 in Brussels.Anyone in the EU orEuropean Economic Areacan submit a recentproject or activity – froma local initiative to anindustry-wideprogramme – or a profileof a person that is helpingthe citizens, industry andpublic sector worktowards achieving theEuropean Green Dealobjectives.Start UpEnergyTransitionAward 2023Clean Energy & Storage: CleanEnergy Generation | EnergyStorage | Grid operation &Flexibility | Power DSO/TSO |Hydrogen & applications | Bio &alternative fuels | Waste toHeat/EnergyThe Start Up Energy Transition Awardis an international competition forstart-ups and young companiesworldwide who are working on ideasaffecting global energy transitionand climate change. In the last fouryears, the award has received morethan 2,700 applications from over 100countries. SET is powered by theGerman Energy Agency (dena), incooperation with the World EnergyCouncil. Categories:The generation, storage anddistribution of renewable energy isthe backbone of the energytransition.

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Page | 33GREAT OPPORTUNITYGREAT OPPORTUNITYMobility & Transportation: Smart Mobility | Charging Technology| Synthetic fuels | Public transport | Cargo & Fleet management |energy efficiency in Logistics | Last Mile Transportation |Maritime & Aviation SectorIndustry: renewable energy applications for industry | newenergy sources | Increasing efficiency | waste heat utilisation |Carbon Reduction & Accounting | Carbon Capture / DAC/ CCUSBuildings & Construction: Heating & Cooling | New Materials |Low-energy concepts | Urban Energy transition | Energycommunities | district energy systems | Heat supply/districtheating | Building efficiencySo long as we have space, we will need to move in it. Transportationand mobility continues to be one of the most essential but energy-intensive sectors we monitor (using 26% of global energy). As thissector continues to grow, so does our need for innovations that cutits emissions. This category rewards creative solutions in a sectorthat can span the large and the physical to the virtual and thedigital.Industry is one of the most challenging sectors for decarbonisationand energy innovation. But while this sector accounts for one-thirdof global greenhouse emissions and 38% of energy use, progress isslow, associated with major changes in materials, unwieldybureaucratic processes, and high upfront costs. Nevertheless,innovation here represents one of the biggest, most important, andmost profitable ways for companies to decarbonise. A newcategory for 2023, could your start-up be the new game-changerhere? Apply and surprise us.Our built environments consume lots of energy (30% of globalenergy), whether in construction, materials used, or the chunk thatis wasted in keeping them warm or cold. This last factor is oftenoverlooked as attentions shift to more headline-grabbing projects.But urban energy concepts, digitalisation and new energycommunities are playing a vital role in bringing change to thisimportant sector.Quality Energy Access & SDG – 7:Affordable, reliable and modernEnergy for all | Off-gridcommunities | Micro grids |Expansion and modernisation ofinfrastructure | EmpowermentEveryone, from the privatehousehold to commercial propertiesto the industry itself, have their partto play here. This category rewardsthose creating the comfortable, cost-effective, energy-efficientbuildings of the future.The 2030 Agenda for SustainableDevelopment, adopted by all UnitedNations Member States in 2015,provides a shared blueprint for peaceand prosperity for people and theplanet, now and into the future. Themain goal for us is captured in SDG-7: ensuring all have access toaffordable, reliable, sustainable, andmodern clean energy. In thiscategory, we reward start-ups whoare looking to the future and workingwith and empowering thecommunities that are most impactedby climate change. We’re looking forinnovations that will make energyservices for all a reality.

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Page | 34GREAT OPPORTUNITYGREAT OPPORTUNITYApplicants may onlyapply to onecategory. Allsubsequentapplications toother categories willbe disqualified.The start-up mustnot have beenfounded longer thanten years ago. Inother words, thedate of foundationcannot exceed 2012.The application,including anyattacheddocuments, must bein English.The start-up mustbe able to present afunctioningprototype. Inaddition, thecompany must beregistered or be inthe process ofbecomingregistered and theapplicant must beable to present aproof of concept ora client, and/or anindustrial/corporate/institutionalpartner.The applicant mustfill out the entireform. Partiallycompletedapplications will notbe accepted.Singapore's National HydrogenStrategy was launched at theSingapore International Energy Week2022. A key thrust of the strategy isfor Singapore to experiment with theuse of advanced hydrogentechnologies that are on the cusp ofcommercial readiness.To this end, the Energy MarketAuthority (EMA) and the Maritimeand Port Authority of Singapore(MPA) are inviting interested partiesto submit proposals under anExpression of Interest (EO!) to build,own and operate low or zero-carbonpower generation and bunkeringsolutions in Jurong Island, Singapore.For the #SET100 2023: · Feature inour annual SET100 list publication,which is circulated to investors,corporates, and politicalstakeholders across the globe |Free tickets to the SET TechFestival 2023 | Free tickets to theBerlin Energy Transition Dialogue(BETD) 2023 | Content creation:interviews & articles | Access toexclusive partner events globallyFor all 15 Finalists: Feature in ourannual SET100 list publication,which is circulated to investors,corporates, and politicalstakeholders across the globe |Free tickets to the SET TechFestival 2023 | Free tickets to theBerlin Energy Transition Dialogue(BETD) 2023 | Content creation:interviews & articles | Access toexclusive partner events globallyWinners of each Category: · €10000 Prize money per winner |Profile of start-up celebratedacross the World Energy Council’sglobal energy network in 99countries | Opportunity to attendevents organised by World EnergyCouncil | Extra visibility and PR |Speaking slot at the Berlin EnergyTransition Dialogue 2023No matter how far you go into the SETprocess, there is always a value-added for your start-up. Many of ourstart-ups have gone on to gain newinvestors, mentors and customers,received invitations to energy eventsaround the world and won even moreawards and recognition for theirinspiring work.ParticipationGuidelinesBenefits & PrizesSelection Process & Timeline01 November, 2022 – 16 January, 2023: Application phase January & February 2023: Applications ranked andevaluated; high-level jury evaluationsMarch 2023: Top 15 finalists announced; SET 100 announced27 March, 2023: final Jury Meeting in Berlin28 March, 2023: SET Tech Festival/ Winners announced SingaporeInvitesExpression ofInterest(EOI) to Build,Own andOperate Lowor ZeroCarbon PowerGenerationandBunkeringSolutions inJurong Island

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Low or zero-carbon hydrogen has the potential to support Singapore'sdecarbonisation efforts and achieve net zero emissions by 2050. The EOIwill enable us to explore the use of low or zero-carbon fuels such ashydrogen and ammonia for power generation, alongside other low-carbon alternatives such as electricity imports and domestic renewableenergy sources. Low or zero-carbon ammonia may also have multipleend-use pathways for power generation and bunkering. Beyond thepower and maritime sectors, low or zero-carbon hydrogen andammonia are also promising decarbonisation pathways for our energy,chemicals and aviation sectors.Due to its low energy density, hydrogen gas needs to be liquefied,compressed or converted into a hydrogen carrier for transport andstorage. Ammonia is currently one of the most technologically readyhydrogen carriers with an established international supply chain forindustrial use. The EO! will enable Singapore to assess the viability ofsuch projects, and support the development of the safety standards,regulations and ecosystem needed.Page | 35GREAT OPPORTUNITYGREAT OPPORTUNITY-Mr. Ngiam Shih Chun,Chief Executive of EMA.“Hydrogen and ammoniahave the potential to be aneedle-movingdecarbonisation solution forthe power sector. Throughthis Expression of Interest,EMA is keen to collaboratewith interested industrypartners to explore whatcould possibly be the world’sfirst low or zero-carbonammonia solution for powergeneration.”“Close collaborationbetween the public andprivate sector is critical toacceleratedecarbonisation in themaritime industry. MPAhopes to partner thosewho are committed tobuilding up the globalsupply chain forlow or zero-carbon fuels,including ammonia, withSingapore as a keybunkering hub.”-Mr Teo Eng Dih, ChiefExecutive of MPAAbout the Energy MarketAuthority (EMA) :The Energy Market Authority(EMA) is a statutory boardunder the Singapore Ministry ofTrade and Industry. Through ourwork, we seek to forge aprogressive energy landscapefor sustained growth. We aim toensure a reliable and secureenergy supply, promoteeffective competition in theenergy market and develop adynamic energy sector inSingapore. Visit for moreinformation.About the Maritime and PortAuthority of Singapore (MPA) :MPA was established on 2February 1996 with the missionto develop Singapore as apremier global hub port andinternational maritime centre,and to advance and safeguardSingapore's strategic maritimeinterests. MPA is the drivingforce behind Singapore's portand maritime development,taking on the roles of portauthority, port regulator, portplanner, international maritimecentre champion and nationalmaritime representative. MPApartners with industry and otheragencies to enhance safety,security and environmentalprotection in our port waters,facilitate port operations andgrowth, expand the cluster ofmaritime ancillary services, andpromote maritime R&D andmanpower development.

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Page | 37FEATURE STORYFEATURE STORYbp announced its 134MWdc (107MWac)Arche Solar project in Fulton County,Ohio, is beginning construction, helpingsupport the global transition to lowercarbon energy. Arche is expected tocreate around 200 US jobs across thesupply chain during construction andprovide more than $30 million inrevenue to benefit local schools andother public services over the life of theproject. bp has secured a power-purchaseagreement (PPA) with Meta for theproject, bringing together two majorcorporations to address greenhouse-gas emissions and support renewable-energy growth in the US. Oncecompleted, Arche will generate enoughclean energy annually to power theequivalent of more than 20,000 UShomes.bp America chairman and presidentDave Lawler said: “This agreementshows how companies can create jobs,invest in the US economy, and at thesame time support net zero ambitionsand help the world reduce carbonemissions. It’s another example of bppartnering to accelerate change andbecoming an integrated energycompany – one that can helpcorporations, countries and citiesdecarbonize.”bp bringsgreen energyand jobs toOhio withconstructionof new utility-scale solarprojectMcCarthy Building Companies’ Renewable Energy & Storageteam was selected as the main contractor for the project, whichwill include installation of ultra-low carbon solar panels andsmart solar trackers from US-based manufacturers First Solarand Nextracker, respectively. The project is part of bp’s plans to develop 20GW of netrenewable generating capacity by 2025 and 50GW by 2030. -Urvi Parekh, head of renewable energyat Meta “We appreciate bp’s partnership in helping keep ourcommitment to supporting our global operations with100% renewable energy. In addition to adding newenergy to the grid, we are proud that this project willbring additional jobs and investment to Ohio.” bp’s 50:50 joint-venture partner, global solar leader Lightsourcebp, developed the project on behalf of bp and is managingconstruction.

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Page | 38Making the futureenergy system securemeans making itsustainable“How can the energy transition and energy security beadvanced in parallel?” That is the key question facing energyleaders today. The answer lies in seeing these not ascompeting imperatives, but complementary. Sustainabilityand security must be core characteristics of the future energysystem. The world cannot achieve energy transition withoutintegrated solutions that address both simultaneously.While sustainability continues to be top of mind for leaders, thereal emphasis now is on strengthening energy systems. Manyare concerned that a de-emphasis on sustainability maythreaten the momentum to net zero. But that’s not a foregoneconclusion.To meet short-term security needs, some governments havebegun to roll back green policies to ensure the stability of theirenergy supply chains. Actions to reinforce supplies of naturalgas have included securing alternate sources, building newgas infrastructure to receive LNG (liquefied natural gas)cargos, and increasing the share of coal in the power mix.Energy security and sustainability arecomplementary to each other.The current short-term drive to strengthenenergy supplies will eventually accelerateclean-energy momentum.A new framework defines six areas in whichto pursue the energy transition.These responses may lock a region intoa fossil fuel commitment and seeminglydisplace investments in clean energysolutions in the short term. But theenergy crisis will also serve as a catalystto accelerate momentum toward asecure, clean energy-led future. Short-term pain will yield medium- and long-term gains, which is evident from anumber of policy packages, such as theUS Inflation Reduction Act and RePowerEU, which bring clean energy pathwaysto the foreground amid the ongoingenergy crisis.The energy security challenges we facetoday are not those of the past. Some ofthe conventional solutions (geopolitics,resource storage) miss addressing themin totality, while others (productivity,consumption, efficiency, andregulations) are valid yet requireadjustments. New approaches areneeded to deal with digitally connectedenergy assets and systems, extendedsupply chains and emergingtechnologies at scale.The World Economic Forum, incollaboration with Accenture, proposes acomprehensive framework thathighlights how connected actions acrosssix dimensions can address thesesecurity challenges and ensure thesecurity of the energy transition.FEATURE STORYFEATURE STORY

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3. Trust and collaborationPage | 39Harnessing the value of demand forlow-carbon energy can improvesystem flexibility and reliability,energy security and resiliency, andreward consumers. A just transitionrequires society to prioritize energyefficiency. Enhancing efficiencyoffers immediate cost savings thatcan be reinvested in the cleanenergy system. It can also have asignificant, instant impact onemissions. Importantly, efficiencyimperatives can be extendedbeyond energy to include efficientutilization of materials such assteel, copper and cementnecessary to develop the low-carbon energy infrastructure.Promoting new operating practices,incentives and behaviouralchanges can yield energy savingsof ~110 EJ by 2030, equivalent tomore than 18% of global energyconsumption in 2021. This highlightsthe critical role played by themuch-overlooked demand-sidemanagement in adding value tothe energy system.national borders, such assharing infrastructure orbuilding multinational marketmechanisms. The success ofsuch initiatives – whether toenhance power systemconnectivity or developconnected supply chains – willdepend on the effective sharingof technologies, resources andknowledge. Collaboration andtrust among all parties are key.FEATURE STORYFEATURE STORYBalancing energy security andsustainability will requiresignificant public-privatecommitments, policymechanisms, and structuredframeworks that supportconsumers and enable theongoing development of cleanenergy infrastructures.Demand1.2. Regulation and incentivesInvestments needed to keep theenergy transition on track couldexceed $4 trillion by 2030. Decisionsabout where to allocate fundingmust take three trade-offs intoaccount: a) near-term action vs.long-term development of thefuture energy system; b) theprovision of energy affordabilityand access vs. the scaling of low-carbon solutions; and c) the assurance that investments willbe sustained for the lifetime ofthe assets vs. a focus onmaintaining agility andcontinually enhancing the energyframework. In the comingdecade, investment and marketstructures will play a critical rolein guiding public sector actionsand directing investments incarbon capture, utilization andstorage (CCUS), H2, biofuels andzero emission power assetsneeded for the future.More than 100 countries haveproposed (or are considering) anet zero target. For many, fulldecarbonization will includeactions that extend beyondEnergy security andsustainability are globalimperatives, demanding aglobal response.Regional/national coordination,public-private collaborations,and interconnected, cross-border energy systems must bestrategically developed, moreso over the next decade. Trustamong parties will be a keytransition success factor andmust, therefore, be prioritized.

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Page | 40Fossil fuels account for more than80% of global energy consumption.While fossil-based resources aregeologically pre-set, countries canachieve supply security and evenself-sufficiency through acombination of energy trading andfuel source diversification.Additionally, supply security mustextend beyond energy sources toalso address the supply of mineralsused to develop connected gridsand transmission infrastructures,which will be critical for thedeployment of intermittentrenewables at scale.The energy transition won’t happenwithout a diversified energy supplyand a steadily growing share ofclean and renewable energyassets. Every $1 spent on new fossilfuel production and infrastructureshould be augmented with $5devoted to developing renewableenergy capacity.Smart and digitized energy assetsoffer many benefits, but they arevulnerable to new forms of attack.The energy sector accounts for 16%of all detected cyberattacks, anumber that has only increasedalongside the recent pandemic.Collectively, the energy sector isthe third most targeted industry bycybercriminals. In response to thiselevated threat level,improvements in emergencyresponse, incident reporting andsystem design are needed.In a world of growing physical andcyber threats, leaders need to resettheir security focus and workcollaboratively – from securingenergy supplies to securing dataand the extended supply chain. Arobust physical and cybersecurityculture is critical to the energyindustry's security and resilience.Energy security is a corecomponent of a successful energytransition. But it can no longer beconsidered a standalone concern.Nor can it be distinguished from theneed for energy sustainability. Infact, these issues are so intertwinedthat it is not hyperbolic to concludethat the future of energy security isenergy sustainability. Focusing onthese six interconnected areas ofaction can help driveimprovements in security andsustainability – and pave the wayto a smoother and more successfultransition.FEATURE STORYFEATURE STORYClean electricity is critical todelivering energy securitywhile advancing thetransition. However,introducing more wind andsolar can impact gridreliability. Gridmodernization, along withenhanced energy storageand backup generationcapabilities, will be neededto accommodatedispatchable alternatives tocurrent energy sources.Reimagined operations,circular supply chains,improved stakeholdercommunications andoptimized workforcemanagement practices arealso critical to ensuring astrong and resilient grid.The future of energy isdecentralized, digitalizedand collaborative – andruns on smart grids that arereactive and flexible, hencekey to integratingrenewables effectively intoour energy supply. Buildinga stable and resilient energysystem extends beyondnetwork capacity, backupand storage to include newways of collaborativeengagements within thetechnology sector – not justwith energy suppliers.4. Supply5. Stability and resilience6. Security Energy

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Electric cars have been making headlines recently due totheir environmental benefits.The global automotive industry is increasingly turningtowards green technology as a means of reducing emissionsand ensuring sustainability. Every year, car manufacturersstrive to reduce their carbon footprint and make theirvehicles more efficient in order to meet ever-growingenvironmental standards.So which car companies are leading the way when it comesto electric vehicles? To recognize the efforts of the leadingcar manufacturers who are committed to developing eco-friendly cars, we have made a list of the top 10 greenest carmanufacturers in the world and the technology they use. Here are the top 10 greenest car manufacturers in the world,according to Forbes:Page | 41Top 10 greenest carmanufacturers in theworld and itstechnologyThe Tesla Model 3 has been hailed as theworld's first fully green car. It is the latestrelease from innovative electric carmanufacturer, Tesla Motors. This excitingnew vehicle is designed to have a minimalenvironmental impact while providing aluxurious driving experience.The Model 3 runs entirely on electricity,eliminating harmful emissions andmaking it one of the cleanest carsavailable on the market today. With itssleek design, advanced safety featuresand impressive range of up to 310 milesper charge, this vehicle is sure torevolutionize the way we think about greentransportation.Tesla has set a high standard for eco-friendly cars with their forward-thinkingengineering and commitment tosustainability. The Model 3 is just anotherexample of their ingenuity anddemonstrates that even luxury vehiclescan be both stylish and sustainable at thesame time.FEATURE STORYFEATURE STORY1) Tesla Motors Inc.(TSLA):USA: Model 3: FullyGreenTesla is the world's leading greenest carmanufacturer. This is largely thanks totheir innovative electric technology andcommitment to sustainability. It usesbattery power for propulsion, cleanenergy sources for charging, and a varietyof other technologies that make it one ofthe most efficient vehicles on the roadtoday. Written by: Kaori Kitamura

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Page | 42The Renault Zoe uses a batterysystem made up of 16 cells that canbe charged in just 60 minutes usinga standard household outlet. Therange of the Zoe is approximately150 miles and it can reach speedsof up to 125 mph.Renault Zoe is a revolutionary car inthe electric vehicle market. Itutilizes an advanced batterysystem made up of 16 cells that canbe charged with a standardhousehold outlet in just 60 minutes.This fast-charging time eliminatesthe need for complicated and oftenexpensive charging stations,allowing drivers to simply plug theircars into any regular wall outlet. The Renault Zoe also offersexcellent performance and range,giving drivers peace of mind whenit comes to driving long distances.The lithium-ion based batterytechnology ensures maximumefficiency and reliability, Volkswagen is one of the world'slargest car manufacturers, witha global presence that extendsto more than 100 countries. Thecompany has been working ondeveloping electric vehicles forover 10 years and their latestmodel, the Volkswagen e-Golf,is the world's first fully electricproduction car.The e-Golf uses a batterysystem made up of 17 cells thatcan be charged in just 90minutes using a standardhousehold outlet. The range ofthe e-Golf is approximately 150miles and it can reach speeds ofup to 125mph.The e-Golf is outfitted with avariety of cutting-edgetechnologies, includingregenerative braking andthermal management thatenable the car to save energyand minimize emissions.FEATURE STORYFEATURE STORYemissions and providing cleanenergy for all passengers onboard. And because it runscompletely on electricity, thereare no exhaust fumes or smogproduced by the car duringoperation – making it a trulygreen option for city driving orlong road trips alike.Renault has also announcedplans to launch two other all-electric models in 2020: theNissan Leaf and the Mitsubishii-MiEV.2) Renault–Nissan–Mitsubishi Alliance(RENA); Japan ; RenaultZoe ; Partially greenfactory3) BMW Group (BAMXF); Germany ; I3 model ;Fully GreenBMW is one of the most iconiccar brands in the world andtheir electric cars reflect thislegacy. The company has beenworking on developing electricvehicles for over 20 years andtheir latest model, the BMW i3,is the world's first all-electricproduction car.The i3 uses a battery systemmade up of 44 cells that canbe charged in just 45 minutesusing a standard householdoutlet. The range of the i3 isapproximately 160 miles and itcan reach speeds of up to85mph.The i3 is also equipped withseveral other technologiessuch as regenerative brakingand thermal management thatenable the car to conserveenergy and reduce emissions.4) Volkswagen Group(VLKAY); Germany ; e-Golf model ; FullyGreen

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Page | 43Toyota is one of the world's largestcar manufacturers, with a globalpresence that extends to more than180 countries. The company hasbeen working on developingelectric vehicles for over 10 yearsand their latest model, the ToyotaPrius Prime, is the world's first all-electric production car.The Prius Prime uses a batterysystem made up of 11 cells that canbe charged in just 90 minutes usinga standard household outlet. Therange of the Prius Prime isapproximately 150 miles and it canreach speeds of up to65mph.The Prius Prime also features a highcapacity lithium ion battery whichdelivers more power thantraditional NiMH batteries used inearlier models. The combination ofthese advanced technologiesenables the vehicle to operate atpeak efficiency levels with minimalfuel consumption and emissions.Additionally, the efficient operation of this vehicle helps extend itsrange for improved long distancecapabilitiesBYD Company, known as BuildYour Dreams, is a Chinesecompany that is leading theway in the electric vehiclerevolution. Established in 2003,BYD has become one of China'slargest automakers thanks to itsall-electric E6 model. Thecompany produces over 14models and employs over220,000 people worldwide. Withan annual output of around800,000 vehicles in 2019 and atotal production capacity of 2million vehicles, it is no wonderwhy BYD has becomesynonymous with greenmobility.BYD's commitment to cuttingedge technology has beendemonstrated by the success oftheir flagship E6 model. The E6offers a range of up to 250 mileson a single charge and canreach speeds up to 87 mph. Thismakes it ideal for city driving aswell as long distance trips.FEATURE STORYFEATURE STORYOverall, this makes it an idealchoice for anyone looking tosave money on gas or be moreenvironmentally consciouswhen driving their car.5) Toyota MotorCorporation (TM) ;Japan ; The Prius Prime ;Fully Green6) Kia MotorsCorporation(KML) ;Korea ; Niro ; FullyGreenKia is one of the world's largestcar manufacturers, with aglobal presence that extendsto more than 120 countries. Thecompany has been working ondeveloping electric vehicles forover 10 years and their latestmodel, the Kia Niro, is theworld's first all-electricproduction car.The Niro uses a battery systemmade up of 16 cells that can becharged in just 60 minutesusing a standard householdoutlet. The range of the Niro isapproximately 150 miles and itcan reach speeds of up to125mph.The Niro boasts a variety ofadvanced technologies,including regenerative brakingand thermal management thatallow for energy conservationand emissions reduction.7) BYDCompany(BYDDF) ;China ; E6 ; Fully Green

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9) Mercedes-Benz AG;Germany; S5000E;Fully GreenPage | 44Ford is one of the world's largest carmanufacturers, with a globalpresence that extends to more than200 countries. The company hasbeen working on developingelectric vehicles for over 10 yearsand their latest model, the FordFocus Electric, is the world's firstmass-produced all-electricproduction car.Ford Motor Company, or F as it iscommonly known, has been astaple of the American automotiveindustry for more than a century.Over that time, the company hasmade some epochal changes inthe way people drive andexperience cars. However, one oftheir latest offerings, the FocusElectric, is making waves on its ownterms.The Focus Electric was created toprovide an efficient andsustainable solution for everydaydriving needs. By combining anelectric motor with regenerativebraking technology and lithium-ionbatteries capable of providing upto 115 miles per charge, Ford has seta new standard in electric vehicledesign that offers both efficiencyand power. Not only does this caroffer zero emissions whileoperating but its battery packrecharges up to 80% in 30 minutesusing DC fast charging capabilities.It designs, manufactures,markets, and distributesvehicles globally under variousbrands such as Chevrolet, Buickand Cadillac. In 2016 theylaunched their first all-electricvehicle called The Bolt.The Bolt offers drivers aneconomical solution to reducingemissions while still providing apowerful driving experience. Itoffers up to 238 miles of rangeper charge and a top speed of91 mph which makes it great fordaily commutes or road tripsalike. Not only that but with theBolt’s fast charging capabilitiesyou can get up to 100 miles ofrange in just 30 minutes! GMhas certainly taken the lead inelectric vehicle technology withThe Bolt setting the bar formodern day electric cars!FEATURE STORYFEATURE STORY8) Ford MotorCompany(F) ; USA ; TheFocus Electric ; FullyGreenMercedes-Benz AG, theGerman automotive giant, hasunveiled its newest electric car,the S5000E. It is the company'sfirst foray into fully electricvehicles and promises torevolutionize mobility inGermany and beyond. Cutting-edge technology makes it oneof the most advanced cars onthe market today. The S5000Ewill be available in a range ofcolors and models, offeringcustomers a variety of choicesto suit their needs.The luxury sedan is powered bytwo 100 kW motors that provideinstant torque at low speeds,allowing for smoothacceleration and fast lanechanges. It also featuresregenerative brakingtechnology which helps toreduce energy consumptionwhen slowing down orstopping. Its advanced batterypack stores sufficient energyfor long journeys with no needfor frequent recharging stops.10) General MotorsCorporation(GM); USA;The Bolt; PartiallyGreenThe General MotorsCorporation (GM) is a globalautomotive and mobilitycompany based in the UnitedStates.

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Page | 46OMRON Automation derives its keystrengths from its strong belief andcommitment toward creating strongerhuman-machine harmony at the shopfloors based on its world-renownedsensing& control technology. This istranslated into our product portfolio –one of the widest end-to-end in theindustry – comprising of advancedILOR+S(Input, Logic, Output, Roboticsand Safety) solutions based on ourfuturistic concept of innovative-Automation. It enabled us to solvemanufacturers’ in numerable & diverseissues at the shop floor ranging fromproductivity t, speed to safety.22 MINUTES22 MINUTESWe are in the domain resolving manufacturing issues throughautomation technology and experience were accumulated vialearning, sharing, brainstorming, and collaborating, whichluckily did not lead to much frustration. So, my main take-awayin previous experiences is if all of us could recognize the issueboldly and identify its root cause, it can be resolved logically.Moving forward towards our vision without past burdens issomething that I would like to propagate amongst my teammembers. Mr. Don TengManagingDirector OMRON AsiaPacific Pte Ltd1. What are some of the keystrengths of OMRON?2. How would you implementa more structured andcollaborative environmentfor all divisions in APAC?I strongly believe in establishing a“happy work culture” and continuouslyworking on improving upon it day byday. This is the first important step toensure a more structured andcollaborative work environment. Ahappy work culture is built upon apsychologically safe environment thatenables diverse people to askquestions, raise issues, give and receivefeedback, and even have differences inopinion without losing respect for eachother. These are few of the simple yeteffective measures towards which I amcontinuously working upon along withmy team members to ensure a vibrantand collaborative work environment.3. What kind of frustration did you experiencein your previous experiences that can betranslated effectively into a new way ofthinking?4. What are the main features of OMRONinnovative long-term strategy plan?OMRON’s recently announced long term vision – Shaping theFuture 2030 (SF 2030) focuses on three social issues and needs:Climate change, the aging of society, and increasing wealthgap among individuals.The goals for these three issues are achieving carbon neutrality,implementing a digital society, and extending healthy lifeexpectancy. We believe that a society in which these issues areresolved is an ideal society where people can live an enrichedlife in balance with their environment.Written by: Kaori Kitamura

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Page | 47OMRON’s industrial automationbusiness aims to contribute towardsthese social needs by improvingmanufacturing that helps in creating asustainable society. It aims to enrichthe future for people, industries, and theglobe through “Innovative-Automation”. We believe that with ourunique automation capabilities basedon human-machine harmony, we willbe able to contribute towards creationof sustainable and innovative factoriescoexisting with the environment andwell being of people across APAC.22 MINUTES22 MINUTESFrom replacement to collaboration, the manufacturing worldhas been witnessing a significant transition in the human-machine relationship over the last few decades. One of theprimary characteristics of this evolution is the merging ofboundaries between factories and society — necessitatingtransition from collaboration to “harmony between people andmachines” in the manufacturing sector.With climate change and the unprecedented situation fromCOVID, consumption orientation is getting replaced withsustenance orientation. The makers are now pondering oversocial needs more than ever, rather than only industry- andproduction-based needs. All this, in turn, is demanding dataefficiency driven systems to do more by transitioning toknowledge-driven systems, thus delivering more sustainableresults and sustainable entities.6. How do you see roboticsand automation enhancingthe future of supply chaindesign?Looking at the future, I believe thesupply chain industry, especially intralogistics, is expected to move towardsunleashing the power of data andanalytics to identify gaps andbottlenecks in warehouse operations.Most organisations are keen to pursue itactively to seek improvement inproductivity and efficiency. This canonly be made possible with thedeployment of robotics & AI solutionsranging from Warehouse ManagementSystems (WMS) integration (perhapsthrough cloud) to multiple modes ofmaterial transfer (both horizontal andvertical), automated cross-docks,picking, sorting, packaging, etc.Increased usage of smart3D vision, aswell as deeper exploration into assetstraceability using GPS/5G both withinand outside the warehouse is also onthe cards, which will be led by roboticsand automation solutions.7. What are the keys challenges ahead as wemove to more sustainable design practices?Keeping in view the this transition towards sustainability,OMRON has outlined its direction as “Empowering PeopleThrough Automation” for its next long-term vision: “Shaping theFuture 2030” (SF 2030). For the automation business, we willundertake deployment of the Innovative-Automation conceptto bring in more technological innovation and enhance respectfor the environment, because we believe both are essential formanufacturing and production sites. We feel that if we do thisright, we will be able to contribute to a sustainable future basedon harmony between people machines.

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Page | 4822 MINUTES22 MINUTESStreaming from OMRON’s mission “To improve lives and contribute to a better society”, I firstly feel thesolutions have to answer a pertinent long-term need of the sector. And not only this, the organization alsomust ensure that it has a wider vision in place that outlines how solving this issue is going to create value forthe society. Another important point to be considered here, in order to achieve this objective, is to ensure thatthe solution is end-to-end in nature, if feasible. This will add lot of value to the customer and will surelycatalyse the achievement of the objective. 8. What key objectives should an organization have for their products/solutionsin order for it to be deemed a success?

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JanuaryW O R L DC O N F E R E N C E O NA P P L I E D S C I E N C E ,E N G I N E E R I N GA N D T E C H N O L O G YV I L L A G E H O T E LC H A N G I ,S I N G A P O R E0 1 - 0 2 J A N 2 0 2 3I N T E R N A T I O N A LC O N F E R E N C E O NR O B O T I C S A N DM A C H I N E V I S I O NT A I Z H O UI N T E R N A T I O N A LC O N V E N T I O N A N DE X H I B I T I O N C E N T E R ,T A I Z H O U , C H I N A0 5 - 0 7 J A N 2 0 2 3I N D U S - T E C HM A C H I N E T O O L S &A U T O M A T I O N E X P OT O W N P A R K ,F A R I D A B A D , I N D I A0 6 - 0 8 J A N 2 0 2 3FebruaryC O N V E R T E C H J A P A NT O K Y O B I G S I G H T , K O T O ,J A P A N0 1 - 0 3 F E B 2 0 2 3I N T E R N A T I O N A LC O N F E R E N C E O N N A N O -M A T E R I E L , E N G I N E E R I N GA P P L I C A T I O N S ,M A N U F A C T U R I N G A N DA P P L I E D S C I E N C E SN O V O T E L B A N G K O KP L O E N C H I T S U K H U M V I T ,B A N G K O K , T H A I L A N D0 4 - 0 5 F E B 2 0 2 3C O M M U N I C A T I O N S Y S T E M SF O R I N D U S T R Y 4 . 0 S E M I N A RL I N D N E R H O T E L A I R P O R T ,D Ü S S E L D O R F , G E R M A N Y0 7 - 0 8 F E B 2 0 2 3M D & M W E S T - M E D I C A LD E S I G N A N DM A N U F A C T U R I N GA N A H E I M C O N V E N T I O NC E N T E R , A N A H E I M , U S A0 7 - 0 9 F E B 2 0 2 3MarchH A Z A R D E X & P P T E XC O N F E R E N C E ,E X H I B I T I O N , W O R K S H O P S& A W A R D SD O U B L E T R E E B Y H I L T O NH A R R O G A T E M A J E S T I CH O T E L & S P A ,H A R R O G A T E , U K0 1 - 0 2 M A R C H 2 0 2 3A R C H I T E C T U R E +C O N S T R U C T I O NM A T E R I A L ST O K Y O B I G S I G H T , K O T O ,J A P A N0 1 - 0 3 M A R C H 2 0 2 3S O U T H E A S T A S I AN O N W O V E N S A N DH Y G I E N E T E C H N O L O G YE X H I B I T I O N &C O N F E R E N C EB I T E C | B A N G K O KI N T E R N A T I O N A L T R A D E &E X H I B I T I O N C E N T R E ,B A N G K O K , T H A I L A N D0 1 - 0 3 M A R C H 2 0 2 3E V E N T C A L E N D A RI N T E R N A T I O N A L B A T T E R YS E M I N A R & E X H I B I T T H E N A T I O N A LC O N F E R E N C E C E N T R E ,S O L I H U L L , U K2 0 - 2 3 M A R C H 2 0 2 3G L O B A L B I T U M E N ,P E T R O C H E M I C A L S &P E T R O P R O D U C T SC O N F E R E N C EI N T E R C O N T I N E N T A LD U B A I - F E S T I V A LC I T Y , D U B A I , U A E2 5 - 2 6 J A N 2 0 2 3H Y D R O G E N A N D F U E LC E L L S - F U E L L I N G T H EF U T U R E N O WT H E N A T I O N A LC O N F E R E N C E C E N T R E ,S O L I H U L L , U K0 6 - 0 7 M A R C H 2 0 2 3S O U T H E R NM A N U F A C T U R I N G &E L E C T R O N I C SF A R N B O R O U G HI N T E R N A T I O N A L A I R S H O W ,F A R N B O R O U G H , U K0 7 - 0 9 F E B 2 0 2 3I N T E R N A T I O N A LE N G I N E E R I N G &T E C H N O L O G Y F A I RP R A G A T I M A I D A N , N E WD E L H I , I N D I A1 6 - 1 8 F E B 2 0 2 3A S I A N N U C L E A R E N E R G YB R I E F I N G T O K Y O , J A P A N2 7 - 2 8 F E B 2 0 2 3T H E E L E C T R I CV E H I C L E A N DE N E R G Y S T O R A G ES Y S T E M SC H E N N A I T R A D EC E N T R E , C H E N N A I ,I N D I A2 0 - 2 2 J A N 2 0 2 3T H A I L A N D I N D U S T R I A L F A I RB I T E C | B A N G K O KI N T E R N A T I O N A L T R A D E &E X H I B I T I O N C E N T R E ,B A N G K O K , T H A I L A N D0 8 - 1 1 F E B 2 0 2 3M E T A L & M E T A L L U R G YE X P OP R A G A T I M A I D A N , N E WD E L H I , I N D I A1 6 - 1 8 F E B 2 0 2 3I N T E R N A T I O N A LC O N F E R E N C E O NM E C H A N I C A L ,M A N U F A C T U R I N G ,I N D U S T R I A L A N DC I V I L E N G I N E E R I N GK O M F O R T S U I T E S ,M Y S U R U , I N D I A2 2 J A N 2 0 2 3M I T J A P A NC O N F E R E N C EN I H O N B A S H I M I T S U IH A L L , C H U O , J A P A N2 7 J A N 2 0 2 3

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AprilI T E S S H E N Z H E NI N T E R N A T I O N A LI N D U S T R I A LM A N U F A C T U R I N GT E C H N O L O G Y A N DE Q U I P M E N TE X H I B I T I O NS H E N Z H E N W O R L DE X H I B I T I O N &C O N V E N T I O N C E N T E R ,S H E N Z H E N , C H I N A2 9 M A R - 1 A P R 2 0 2 3I N T E R N A T I O N A LC O N F E R E N C E O NI N D U S T R I A L A N DM A N U F A C T U R I N GE N G I N E E R I N GN E W Y O R K , U S A0 2 - 0 3 A P R 2 0 2 3H A N N O V E R M E S S ED E U T S C H E M E S S EA G , H A N O V E R ,G E R M A N Y1 7 - 2 1 A P R 2 0 2 3C H A N G S H A I N T E L L I G E N TM A N U F A C T U R I N GE Q U I P M E N T E X P OC H A N G S H A I N T E R N A T I O N A LC O N V E N T I O N & E X H I B I T I O NC E N T R E , C H A N G S H A , C H I N A2 1 - 2 3 A P R 2 0 2 3P U T E C HI N D I A E X P O S I T I O N M A R T ,G R E A T E R N O I D A , I N D I A1 2 - 1 4 A P R 2 0 2 3K O R E A A U T O M O T I V EM O B I L I T Y M A N U F A C T U R I N GE X P OK I N T E X E X H I B I T I O N C E N T E R1 , G O Y A N G - S I , S O U T HK O R E A0 3 - 0 6 A P R 2 0 2 3MayM E T A L W O R K I N G &M A N U F A C T U R I N G E X P OW I N N I P E GV I C T O R I A I N N H O T E L &C O N V E N T I O N C E N T R E ,W I N N I P E G , C A N A D A0 2 M A Y 2 0 2 3I N T E R N A T I O N A LC O N F E R E N C E O NM E C H A N I C A L A N DA E R O S P A C E E N G I N E E R I N GB E R L I N , G E R M A N Y0 2 - 0 3 M A Y 2 0 2 3E M E R G I N G S M A R TM A T E R I A L S ,N A N O T E C H N O L O G Y ,D E S I G N E N G I N E E R I N G &M A N A G E M E N T , D A T AM I N I N G A N DI N F O R M A T I O NT E C H N O L O G YM E R C U R E B U D A P E S TB U D A , B U D A P E S T ,H U N G A R Y0 8 - 0 9 A P R 2 0 2 3E V E N T C A L E N D A RR E F O C U S S U S T A I N A B I L I T Y& R E C Y C L I N G S U M M I TR E N A I S S A N C EM I N N E A P O L I S H O T E L ,M I N N E A P O L I S , U S A0 1 - 0 5 M A Y 2 0 2 3S P A C E T E C H E X P OC O N N E C TL O N G B E A C HC O N V E N T I O N &E N T E R T A I N M E N T C E N T E R ,L O N G B E A C H , U S A0 2 - 0 4 M A Y 2 0 2 3I N T E R N A T I O N A LC O N F E R E N C E O NO C E A N , O F F S H O R EA N D A R C T I CE N G I N E E R I N GN E W Y O R K , U S A0 2 - 0 3 A P R 2 0 2 3C O N V E R T E C H J A P A NT O K Y O B I G S I G H T ,K O T O , J A P A N 0 1 - 0 3F E B 2 0 2 3M E S S E S T U T T G A R T ,S T U T T G A R T ,G E R M A N Y2 1 - 2 3 M A R 2 0 2 3I N T E R N A T I O N A LE X H I B I T I O N O F P R I N TT E C H N O L O G Y F O RI N D U S T R I A LM A N U F A C T U R I N GM E S S E S T U T T G A R T ,S T U T T G A R T ,G E R M A N Y1 4 - 1 6 M A R 2 0 2 3T I R E T E C H N O L O G YE X P OD E U T S C H E M E S S E A G ,H A N O V E R , G E R M A N Y2 1 - 2 3 M A R 2 0 2 3C H I N A C H A N G S H AI N T E R N A T I O N A L H A R D W A R EE X P OC H A N G S H A I N T E R N A T I O N A LC O N V E N T I O N & E X H I B I T I O NC E N T R E , C H A N G S H A , C H I N A0 1 - 0 2 A P R 2 0 2 3E V M A N U F A C T U R I N G S H O WB E N G A L U R U , I N D I A0 6 A P R 2 0 2 3W E L D I N G & C U T T I N GM I N S K Y E K S P O Z A O , M I N S K ,B E L A R U S0 4 - 0 7 A P R 2 0 2 3I N T E R N A T I O N A LC O N F E R E N C E O NC O M M U N I C A T I O N S A N DN E T W O R K E N G I N E E R I N GT H E U N I V E R S I T Y O FD A N A N G , D A N A N G ,V I E T N A M0 7 - 0 9 A P R 2 0 2 3S E M I A D V A N C E DS E M I C O N D U C T O RM A N U F A C T U R I N GC O N F E R E N C ET H E S A R A T O G A H I L T O N ,S A R A T O G A S P R I N G S , U S A0 1 - 0 4 M A Y 2 0 2 3T A I W A N I N T E R N A T I O N A LF A S T E N E R S H O WK A O H S I U N G E X H I B I T I O NC E N T E R , K A O H S I U N G ,T A I W A N0 3 - 0 5 M A Y 2 0 2 3S I M E M I N T E R N A T I O N A LH E A T H E X H I B I T I O NL E M E R I D I E N O R A N H O T E L& C O N V E N T I O N C E N T E R ,O R A N , A L G E R I A A O H S I U N G ,T A I W A N0 3 - 0 6 M A Y 2 0 2 3E X H I B I T I O N F O R F A S T E N E RA N D F I X I N G T E C H N O L O G YM U M B A I , I N D I A0 4 - 0 6 M A Y 2 0 2 3

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